Curves For His Needs (The Billionaire's Curvy Submissive Parts 8&9) (BBW Billionaire Erotica‪)‬

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Finally freed of Cheryl's lunacy, Claire and Parker are ready to set off on their glamorous cross-country road trip. Parker surprises Claire with a road-tripping vessel straight out of a daydream, and it isn't long until things begin to heat up. As they set off toward the next stage of their lives together, Claire can't help but wonder what the next logical step is in her and Parker's relationship.


An explosive fight tears a gaping hole in both Claire and Parker's honeymoon and their relationship. At her wit's end, Claire accepts the help of a handsome stranger whose simple existence entices her in a way she could not have imagined. Marooned during her honeymoon with a stunning young man with a killer smile... What's a girl to do?

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

“You mean you wouldn’t be interested if I were an older, older man?” Parker asked affecting his idea of a Humphrey Bogart voice.

She giggled and shook her head. Parker grabbed her well-padded waist and pulled her into the captain’s chair. Spinning merrily his hands worked their way under Claire’s cotton tee cupping her voluptuous breasts. Claire pretended to be offended by wiggling to get free of his grasp.
“Parker! We’re still in the parking lot; what will people think?”

“To hell with people.” Parker growled like an old time movie star. “I’m all hot and bothered little lady, I need a piece of that sweet body of yours, and I need it now.”

He launched himself after her and tugged her off her feet. Claire wasn’t a small girl by any means, but even her sturdy body was no match for Parker. In the blink of an eye she was pinned on the shag carpet of the bus’s living room. Claire laughed at the little antiquated detail; it reminded her of her grandfather’s den. She dug her fingers into the carpet as Parker slid his hands back around her breasts. The oldness of the decor made her feel even younger under his hands, and the thrill of it made her awfully horny for so early in the day.

“We’re going to get in trouble.” Claire whispered theatrically. She sucked in her breath as Parker gave her breasts a firm squeeze, the feel of his rough hands made her begin to melt. He ran his thumbs over her tender nipples and kissed her throat lightly. The doubled sensations in such delicate places sent a shiver running down Claire’s spine, and she wiggled under her husband writhing in pleasure.

Parker pushed the cottons shirt over the mounds of breast and she unclipped the clasp of her simple bra letting it fall away. As ever Parker paused to luxuriate in the sight of his wife’s breasts. Those twin peaks were like Kryptonite to him, they overpowered his thoughts.

Claire gasped as he bit down lightly and dug her hands into his hair. Egged on, he bit first at one, then the other nipple digging his fingers into her sides, back and ass.

“Take me right here.” She gasped bringing her arms forward to create a beautiful pillow of tits, for her husband to bury his face in. Parker groaned at her straight talk and gladly accepted her gorgeous offering.

“You want me to do you on the floor?” He asked roughly.

Claire bit her lip shooting Parker her best ‘come hither’ look; he didn’t need any more convincing. Before she could utter another word he had her pinned hard at the shoulders.

She wanted more than anything to take him into her mouth right then, but she figured that he had other ideas for her.

He abruptly stood and stared down at Claire. She scrambled to follow him, but he laid a wing-tipped foot on her bare chest guiding her back down to the carpet.

“Did I say that you could get up?” He said quietly.

Fiction & Literature
September 22
Denise Avery
Draft2Digital, LLC

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