Custodians of the Future

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"You are a vital component of Global Waste"

went the company motivational email…

Irena wants to fit in, and she needs the job, so she goes with the flow and doesn't rock the boat.

But discovering something strange and potentially deadly in Stockholm's wastewater sends her fellow janitor squad members off the rails. Their hare-brained assumptions and accusations, fueled by the web site 'Syllojizm,' drive them to ever more dangerous mayhem. Irena is caught between her integrity and her need for security.

It's New Year's Eve, 2099. Can Irena get to the bottom of the wastewater mystery while containing her teammates, staying out of prison, and escaping Luxembourger street vendors, Buddhist monks, and the dreaded Canadian Space Agency?


"Custodians of the Future" is the first book in my "of the Future" Un-Series, with a touch of whimsy and my usual irreverent, subversive social commentary. This adult, hopepunk, grounded sci fi mystery-romp-chase will ring bells among fans of The Blues Brothers, Star Trek, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf, Alien/Aliens, and other iconic works of pop culture:

"I found it a fast read and kept thinking I had the ending figured out. Of course I was never close to figuring it out but found it a fascinating, humorous read!" — Cathy B., CotF Alpha Reader

"A rollicking romp through the lingering stench of the wretched refuse of human civilization. I really enjoyed it. I read it straight through. You should consider this an extreme compliment – rarely happens... bloody brilliant."  — Chris B., CotF Alpha Reader

"Enjoyed the book! Much sillier tone than MSD, it was a fun read" — Bobby R., CotF Alpha Reader

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 9
Grand Unification Monastery
Draft2Digital, LLC

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