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Check out this flaming-hot six pack!

With half a dozen sexy stories of young, inexperienced men and their first forays into gay encounters, you're sure to find something to whet your appetite for handsome, curious young guys!

Whether it's a cameraman filming a gay photo shoot getting roped into the action, two friends hooking up under the open stars, or an older, more experienced guy putting the moves on a shy, curious-but-closeted new crush,  these stories are all about new experienced and unexpected pleasure.

1. Budding Bromance: Illicit Showers in the Dorm 

Chad and Brendan are as close as friends can be. They're roommates, both on the college swim team... and most of all, both harbor a secret desire. 

So when the more experienced Chad makes the first move, the shyer and more reticent Brendan decides to relinquish control, lay back, and enjoy whatever comes next. 

2. Overexposed: Tag-Teaming the Cameraman

Reid finally has gotten his big break - he's been hired as a cameraman for a full-time filming gig, and he hasn't even graduated yet! The offer is too good to pass up,even if his new employer, the enigmatic Jax, hasn't really filled him in on the details of WHAT, exactly, he'll be filming...

Maybe it's all the shirtless, muscle-bound guys wandering the halls of the film studio - or the strange, unbidden advances of the co-star, Aaron, who just doesn't seem to be taking no for an answer. Either way, Reid quickly comes to realize he's stumbled into a very particular world of filmmaking - gay porn!

Before long, the inexperienced film student finds himself drawn in by a forbidden attraction to the sensual events unfolding before his lens.

It's all he can manage not to join in himself...

3. Pitching Tents: A Summer Fling 

I've only got one more weekend of leading camping trips into the wilderness... and that means only one more weekend with Cole. One more chance to let my charming, handsome friend know how I feel. I've tried to before, but the time was never right. And besides, Cole is straight. At least, that's what he's always claimed... 

I've never really been with a guy before, and I'm still discovering the ins and outs... but with a guy like Cole on the line, I've got to take my chances. 

4. His Threesome with the Guys

The modeling gig seemed like a dream job to Aidan - too good to be true.  And maybe it was... because what he didn't know was that he'd signed on to be a gay model!

But when Aidan stumbles upon a sex scene video shoot, it only takes a few words of coaxing from the men to convince him to join in... after all, he could use the overtime!

5. The Frat Boy's First Male Lover 

Marcus has secretly been eyeing the all the hot young guys at the job fair for hours now. Even if he's not exactly "out" amongst his frat brothers... 

So when he's finally approached by a particularly nervous - and attractive - underclassman, Marcus decides to make his move... even if his new prey isn't quite sure what he wants yet!

6. The Adult Star's First Gay Foray

Graham may be new to the porn industry, but his career is taking off - thanks in part to his unusually large "gift" that always seems to leave the ladies (and cameras) satisfied. But for some reason, he's having trouble getting it up for the beautiful women he sees every day.

When a mix-up at the studio accidentally has him booked for a threesome with two other guys, Graham resists joining in at first - until he's surprised to find his greatest "asset" reacting with much more enthusiasm to the proposition...

Fiction & Literature
January 3
B.J. Ryder
Draft2Digital, LLC

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