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Cute But Psycho

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Publisher Description

Etienne LaFayette hits the ground running the moment he breathes free air after being paroled from a maximum-security prison in Texas.

He claws his life back from his brother-in-law who’d taken over his business during the years he’d spent as an inmate at Huntsville Penitentiary. Though it is hard, he puts his life back together in Accident, Florida.

There, he hires new employees, joins a motorcycle club, and becomes wildly successful overnight.

Seems like the perfect life, right?


Because one of his first clients is a beautiful, curly-haired woman that reels him in from the moment he first lays eyes on her. Only, before he can work his charm, she forms an opinion of him based solely on the person that he chose to work at his side, day in and day out. That opinion? Utter disgust.


Matilda Deveraux has been dealt blow after blow her entire life.

First with the death of her mom. Then living with a stepfamily that despises her.

Her entire life she’s been known as different. The “weird girl that creeps everyone out.”

It’s not her fault that she’s different, yet everyone, including Etienne’s assistant, treats her like she’s a menace to society.

Like she would be better off in a loony bin than gracing the streets of Accident, Florida.

After years of abuse from everyone around her, the last thing she needs is to be around a man that would have that horrible woman around him twenty-four seven.

As a result, she forms an opinion—something that people do to her all the time—and treats him accordingly.

Only, it turns out that Etienne isn’t who she thought he was.

He’s much, much worse. But only in the best of ways.

January 17
Dixie Wardens Inc.
Dixie Wardens Inc.

Customer Reviews

Samantha B. Sokol ,

Obsessed and can’t get enough of this series!

Obsessed and can’t get enough of this series! This latest installment in this series focuses on Etienne and Mattie. Mattie is the result of an affair and has dealt with the abuse from her half-siblings and stepmother for years with her father never doing anything about it. She meets Etienne through her best friend and business partner, and while she has a crush on him when he’s first released from prison, he becomes her enemy thanks to his new assistant being the girl who made Mattie lose her job and has always given her a hard time. While everyone else sees what’s going on, it takes Etienne quite a while to see what’s right in front of him, and once he does thankfully, he acts quick, firing his assistant and going after a relationship with Mattie. We see him stick up for her towards her family, including her father, and in true LLV fashion, the resolution of that aspect of the drama in this book is highly comical. Per usual, loved this book and the storyline from LLV – she is able to continue to provide unique storylines with unique and non-typical characters and make them come off the pages. I can’t wait for her next release!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Srosenthal ,

Fab story with heart

I received a complimentary early release e-book prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This story was really a fun book and nothing terrible happens in it. In recent books the author has had a few surprises and well they were a bit hardcore. This story has none of that and it was a great way for the author to have her first release of 2023. This reminded me of the Lani stories in the past where its all about the characters and their pasts as they go into the future. There is no torture or kidnappings or deaths as the story is happening.

This is purely a boy meets girl and they are both very quirky with soft hearts and they lust for each other as they get to know each other. I totally loved it and I felt based on the authors previous books its fairly a light read. I loved it so much.

In this story we meet Etienne who has had a rough past. He is newly out of jail and has a construction company and is new in town. He gets to know Matilda or Mattie as she and her partner build their Vet practice. Mattie is very much quirky and, on the spectrum, but is very high functioning.

Trouble comes when Etienne hires a woman that HATES Mattie and makes her life miserable. Etienne likes Mattie but she avoids him like the plague because of his sidekick.

This was a really fun story with a hate to love sorta storyline with lots of quirky characters, and some extremely hot scenes. It was pure fun and I absolutely adored this book from beginning to end.

The Reading Nano ,

Quirky Fun

This has to be my favorite series by LLV and that’s saying something.

Etienne LaFayette just got out of prison and decides to start his new life in Accident, Florida where his friends have also started over.

I’m both hellfire and holy water. What you get depends on how you treat me.

Mattie Deveraux is different than other people. She has been ostracized and taken advantage of her whole life. Her family being the worst offenders.

“You want me to wear your name on my back, you’re gonna have to put a ring on my finger first.”

“You askin’ me to marry you, baby?” I asked, her eyes gleaming.

“Yes. As a matter of fact, I am asking you to marry me. Etienne? Would you do me the honor of becoming my husband?”

“Yes,” I answered. “I think I will.”

I love how Etienne was so protective of Matilda. He loved her even with all her quirky ways. Lots of fun alone with a love story that is unique.

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