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Fact 645 - High heels make great weapons.

Somehow, Allie always managed to attrack every sociopath within a 100 click radius. Don't ask her how she did it. She chalked it up to the unlucky curse that had plagued her all her life. And Sloven the Slayer was no different. Creepy was his middle name. Luckily, her mama had taught her the advantage of a well placed kick.

Fact 792 - Allie hated liars, especially gorgeous ones of the male variety.

After the attempt on her life and her team's betrayal, she tried to go back to her life, to ignore how lonely she was, to forget the nightmares that plagued her and the face of the one man she still wanted despite his lies. But life was never that simple.

Fact 864 - Good doesn't always triumph. Sometimes evil just slaps you in the face and steals your popsicle.

It was just one lie.

I am hooked! What could be better in a great science fiction novel than a feisty female mixologist filled with southern charm and the grace of an eight legged cat? Ms. Kay has created a vibrant enchanting universe and cast of lovable, flirty characters. I want to crawl into this series and never leave!~Fairestskyesbooks

Mixologists and Pirates Series
1 - Amber Vial
2 - Emerald Bane
3 - Scarlet Venom
4 - Cyan Toxin
5 - Onyx Elixir

Young Adult
December 28
Renegade Publishing, LLC
INscribe Digital

Customer Reviews

pknight143 ,

Cyan Toxin is soooo good!!

Cyan Toxin is sooo good!! Every book I read in the Mixologists & Pirates series keeps me coming back for more along with the startling endings!! I’m hoping Frost Kay will serve up Onyx Elixir with lightning speed because I CAN’T WAIT!!!

fcheavenly ,


Overall rating: 4.8
This series is definitely a testament to either a readers patience or our desire for sweet torture! The author truly has mastered the art of cliffhangers. I would never call myself a patient person, so the fact that I willingly place myself on the wait lists for each book in this series speaks volumes about this authors creativity and originality. Book four truly had me on the edge, and once again....waiting. The boundaries for being unlucky have moved exponentially for the main character, Allie, complete with shocking surprises for our cliffhanging pleasure! All my reviews are always voluntarily written.

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