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An Action Thriller about Cyber Warfare and International Intrigue

"As James drove back to his office, his head was spinning. Why would Philip suddenly go to the dark side, as they used to call it? Throughout their careers they both had reveled in the fact that they were developing cyber defenses to stop cyber threats. It was part of their core beliefs. They were white hats, not black hats, as the cyber community referred to defenders as compared to the offenders. What caused Philip and the company to develop malware? Not just malware, but advanced persistent threats, the most insidious of all cyber threats? Also, why would he be working with the federal government when their corporate by-laws specifically barred such work by VSI? Violating that requirement could trigger significant penalties.
James wondered if he really knew his partner and best friend as well as he thought."
—An excerpt from Cyber Countdown 

When a high-ranking consultant to NSA and Cyber Command is suddenly murdered, James Jordan must leverage his knowledge of the technology and his experience with his former company to work with the President and the US Navy to save his country—and the world.
In the near-future world of Cyber Countdown, cybersecurity is critical to the nation’s well-being. This exciting and intriguing story of a future conflict between the US and North Korea includes a description of how North Korea hay have already hidden their nukes from the US.

Flynn expertly weaves his central characters in China, North Korea, Europe, and the United States to create a narrative of political intrigue and conspiracy, where nobody is as they first appear and secrets pervade even the closest relationships. The end result is a compelling, highly readable story that feels like it was ripped from today's headlines. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 30
River Grove Books
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