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CYBERNETICS is on virtually everyone's short list of the most important and influential nonfiction books over the last century. First published by MIT math professor Norbert Wiener in 1948, and later in this Second Edition in 1961, this groundbreaking account of systems, thought processes, AI, and the use of "feedback" foreshadowed intelligent and replicating machines, complex organizational organisms, robotics, and the physiology and failure of the human nervous system. No small wonder this has been widely read by scientists and lay readers alike, to understand the origins and future of computers, efficient communication pathways, the use of feedback to refine actions and thought processes, and the logic and math behind non-linear systems. Educated readers know the term "cybernetics"; this book coined the term and created an entire field of interdisciplinary study that resonates today, and led to the "cyber"-everything that we now live.

Norbert Wiener, known as the "Father of Cybernetics," has influenced such fields of study as game theory, system theory, sociology, psychology and neuroscience, modern philosophy, organizational theory, and even architecture.

Now available in a quality ebook presentation, the Quid Pro Books edition of this dynamic and fascinating book features accurate rendition of formulae and illustrations from the original, linked chapter endnotes, active Contents, linked cross-references to formulae, and even a detailed and linked Index that allows the reader to jump to the specified page in the book for the particular subject, name, or concept.

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March 18
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Zach00000 ,


One of my favorite books of all time. Very readable, and the appendices have a bite that rings true today. Anyone interested in automation, feedback, dynamic systems, consciousness, and social organization should take a peek.

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