Cycling Home from Siberia Cycling Home from Siberia

Cycling Home from Siberia

30,000 miles, 3 years, 1 bicycle

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“ It is late October, and the temperature is already –40 degrees . . . My thoughts are filled with frozen rivers that may or may not hold my weight; empty, forgotten valleys haunted by emaciated ghosts; and packs of ravenous, merciless wolves.”

Having left his job as a high-school geography teacher, Rob Lilwall arrived in Siberia equipped only with a bike and a healthy dose of fear. Cycling Home from Siberia recounts his epic three-and-a-half-year, 30,000-mile journey back to England via the foreboding jungles of Papua New Guinea, an Australian cyclone, and Afghanistan’s war-torn Hindu Kush. A gripping story of endurance and adventure, this is also a spiritual journey, providing poignant insight into life on the road in some of the world’s toughest corners.

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April 5
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Customer Reviews

Johhny M ,

Amazing and Inspirational

Rob's three year journey across the globe, living as a nomad in incredible. Yet, more incredible is the people whom opened their hearts, homes and lives to him as he passed through their them even if just for a few moments. It is truly a testament to all of mankind's goodness and solidifies the fact that government and media project images that are not always a true representation of it's people, their culture and compassion towards mankind.

The saga of the children whose lives are negatively impacted by the cruelty of the world is heart wrenching. Tom Brokaw entitled his book the The Greatest Generation after those who served in WWII. Shouldn't we become the greatest generation and move towards extinguishing the cruelties that impact the children of this world? It should be our Christian duty to do everything humanly possible to stop these atrocities. Rob's journey is a reminder of all that is good in the world. A world that God wishes more of us would reach out and embrace.

Mark Twain once said, Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry to see us leave this world. Rob certainly has made an impact on the world today and tomorrow having touched some people's lives forever.

Jimf64 ,

Cycling home from Siberia

Great read

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