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Love, laughter, and short-term memory loss. When a sweet old lady’s mysterious past draws her young caretaker into a wild ride, they drag a hot FBI agent along with them. Cyn didn’t know caring for Maddy would require car chases, and Rhys never thought an old lady could steal his gun.

Cynthia loves being Maddy’s caregiver. Watching over a slightly senile senior is a piece of cake after Cyn’s brutal divorce. It’s not wrong to hide away from life for a few weeks, er, months. Right?!

Rhys (“like the peanut butter cup but not spelled the same”) is pretty sure he’s going to get fired from his job at the FBI. When Maddy steals his gun at the grocery store and shoots at a random stranger, Rhys figures that’s it for his career. Everything’s gone wrong…

…except for meeting Cyn. How will Rhys and Cyn find love while keeping Maddy safe from the (possibly imaginary) hordes who are (maybe) out to get her?

A laugh-out-loud, sexy romantic comedy that includes a heroine with self-confidence problems, an absolutely delicious screw-up of a hero, and the strong-willed, slightly addled old lady who leads them both astray. 

January 12
Qui Legit Regit Press
Pru Bovee

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LuvsKU ,

Cyn & the Peanut Butter Cup by Pru Warren

Cyn & the Peanut Butter Cup by Pru Warren
You will experience many laugh out loud moments reading this funny, suspenseful & intriguing story that keeps you flipping through the pages to the end. Cyn’s reason for becoming a caretaker for Mandy was sad, but I found Cyn’s perspective on Maddy’s short term memory loss/dementia refreshing and sweet. It was obvious Maddy lived life to the fullest and enjoyed adrenalin rushes throughout her 93 years. Much of the confusion leads to the romance between Cyn and FBI agent Rhys. Just a heads up that the sweet romance turns into a sexy explicit love scene, which should make this book rated for Adult reading. I obtained a complimentary copy from the Author via Voracious Readers for an honest review. Enjoyed the entire book. JKSlovestoread/JudyKU/LuvsKU/JudySamson

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