Daily Devotions with Herman Bavinck Daily Devotions with Herman Bavinck

Daily Devotions with Herman Bavinck

Believing and Growing in Christian Faith

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Herman Bavinck (1854–1921) was a significant Reformed theologian whose importance continues to this day. In eighty-four brief devotional readings accompanied by Scripture, Donald McKim explores Bavinck’s thought in order to deepen readers’ understanding and faith.


“Unlike his contemporary, Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck did not leave behind a body of devotional material. Nonetheless, as Donald McKim persuasively demonstrates in this collection of fine meditations, his thought definitely inspires Christian devotion. Each meditation brings together Scripture and a seminal insight from Bavinck’s writing. With Bavinck, McKim understands that Christian believing is to be joined with Christian living, and he has given us the best practical application of Bavinck’s theology yet available. May it serve as an inspiration for others to do the same—it is a wonderful and true way to honor Bavinck.”

—John Bolt, Professor of Systematic Theology Emeritus, Calvin Theological Seminary

“Here is another gem from Donald McKim! As with all his volumes in the Everyday Prayer series, this book is a rich devotional treasure, combining McKim’s profound love for and understanding of his source with life-giving spiritual nourishment. McKim’s reflections take us into the heart of Bavinck’s theology and in the process lead us toward deeper faith and stronger discipleship.”

—Suzanne McDonald, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Western Theological Seminary

“McKim brings us not only to the heart of Bavinck’s theology but to the heart of Bavinck himself. In this way, his book contributes to our knowledge of Bavinck and to our spiritual growth. Faith can prosper only on the basis of sound, biblical theology. This book—another fruit of McKim’s lifelong digging in Reformed theology—demonstrates this truth in a practical and effective way.”

—Herman Selderhuis, Professor of Church History, Theological University Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

“Many of us have come to see Herman Bavinck’s theological writings—now widely accessible in new English translations—as a rich and reliable resource for solid Reformed thought. Now, in these wonderful daily devotions, Donald McKim shows us the spiritual gems in those theological writings that speak with profound wisdom to our souls.”

—Richard J. Mouw, President Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Donald McKim has provided the church with yet another beautiful resource that integrates the rich legacy of the Christian tradition with private meditation and prayer. Interestingly, he has prepared this volume in a very Bavinckian way. The source of McKim’s reflections is never Bavinck but Scripture. In this way, McKim brings the reader to feed on Christ alongside a great Christian thinker and then to clasp hands with him in prayer. Highly recommended.”

—Bruce R. Pass, Author, The Heart of Dogmatics: Christology and Christocentrism in Herman Bavinck

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