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Ki is a single mother pregnant with her fourth baby. She wants to move out of Hurt Village projects, but her fiancée Jovian isn’t ready to settle down. A known player; he has a different woman for each day of the week. When he finds out the price of his cheat ways, the cost is more than he can ever repay. 

Miguel is Ki’s neighbor and also her best friend. He is in love with her, and determined to make her his woman. So he begins to slang dope again. Will he gain her heart, stack his paper, and get out of the bricks for good? Or will his past stop him from getting out? 

Born and raised in Dixie Homes, Jovian’s baby brother Jaylin loves the ghetto life. He also loves the project chicks and fame that occupy his leisure time. No woman is off limits to him, and when a forbidden affair is revealed- Jaylin’s life and status will change forever. 

Tracy is Jaylin’s ride or dies chick, but she also loves the attention she gets from his friends. Struggling to prove her rank as Jaylin’s woman leads her to many dangerous scenes. She finds out that nothing is as good as it seems and the people that she trust is not who she thought they were. Will she be able to pick up the pieces? Or will she stay and fight for Jaylin? 

Liz is Jovian’s side piece, but she refuses to just be his Wednesday and Thursday part-time lover. She wants his all. When her plan to trap him backfires, she needs revenge. But how far will she go to be his one and only?

Fiction & Literature
February 2
True Glory Publications
shameek speight

Customer Reviews

Iceis hedgehog ,


Good book but terribly written! The author didn't proofread or anything. Also, I was lost a lot of the time in who was doing and saying what. Really difficult to read and understand but a good story.

Nadsabundle ,

Bad grammar

I couldn't keep up. The writing was bad

'.$ ,

Ok now dammit

This was a good read minus a few errors NOW WHERE IS PART 2?!

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