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LAW FOR KIDZ takes concepts law students study for three years, and brings them down to the level where grade school children can learn and apply the lessons. The stories are short and to the point, yet vivid and entertaining for kids and their parents. Professor Prakash Dheeriya has taken real life experiences of his two boys and adapted them to paint a picture all will remember. This is a great follow up to his FINANCE FOR KIDZ series.

Richard B. “Rick” Chess

Chess Law Firm, PLC

I really enjoyed these stories which took some very complicated legal theories and explained them in a way that children will enjoy. ’The kids won’t even know they are learning basic legal concepts, but they will.

Mr Richard Malamud, Professor of Accounting and Law, California State University Dominguez Hills

I think these stories are not only helpful for children but also adults. It's terrible how grown up people can ignore all of this. I studied in some semesters in law school and I know many of these things. But I learned something as well from their moral lessons. But parents tend to forget they are mentors of their children and send them to the real world completely unaware of these type of things. That's dreadful. They are going to be eaten by packs of wolves.

Gerardo Serrano, Author

In our generation, we made several mistakes, but most of those mistakes had few, long term repercussions. In today’s world, however, our children’s mistakes may follow them permanently due to the extensive use of internet, and its unlimited data storage capacity. That is why knowledge of existing laws pertaining to day to day operations can help them avoid being future criminals. That is my hope in writing the Law for Kidz series. Like the Finance for Kidz series, this series makes use of same characters, story telling features, and end of story exercises to explain complicated, legal concepts. I sincerely hope that you and your children will find these stories useful.

In this story, children learn about damages and penalties when their library book gets eaten by their family dog.

Young Adult
May 1
Fintelligence Publishing
Fintelligence Publishing

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