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To all my readers and everyone who buys this book, thank you! I know it’s hard to write a story of your life when every life is a story—but maybe, because I had the courage and the drive to write my story, maybe you can now write yours. I know how hard it is to face challenges and wonder sometimes if you can ever make it. So, I didn’t write this book because I’m rich or famous. I wrote this book to give you courage and hope and to let you know you are never alone in this big old world. If I can help just one person, then my life and this book will be worth it.

I wrote this for the child facing months in bed for a disease they don’t understand, for the single mother trying to keep it all together, for the wife who has to kiss a dying husband one last time, for the mother who hears her child is dying, for those with cancer facing chemo, for everyone who has ever been discouraged. I want to be your ray of sunshine and show you that you can go on and that life can truly be beautiful—one day and one step at a time. For as long as we wake up, we can listen to the music of life, and we can dance! So, dance till the music stops!

Never Give Up and Never Give In

You CAN reach the mountain top!

No matter how tough LIFE seems,

Just follow your dreams

and Dance Till The Music Stops!      

Love, Joyce

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November 9
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