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Most people get souvenirs while they're on vacation. Ty got a mug shot…and met the woman of his dreams...

An electronics expert at Six Points Security, Ty Flint is used to danger. He just didn't expect to find it while in south Florida for a little fun and sun. But a broken down car strands him in Okalatchee, a small town with deep, dark secrets that it doesn't want to share with a city boy.

He also didn't expect his explosive attraction to Lola Bell, the owner of the only bar in town. With her Yankee accent and no-nonsense attitude, the sexy woman sticks out like a sore thumb…and attracts danger like a magnet. Powerful people want her gone, and they'll do anything to make that happen. But when Ty steps in to thwart their plans, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Now he'll use all of his skills to keep Lola safe, but winning her love might be the hardest mission he's ever undertaken…

**A sizzling standalone romance**

**Each book of the Six Points Security Series follows a different couple**

September 29
Lori Sjoberg
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Danger in a Dive Bar

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Danger in a Dive Bar is book 6 of the Southern Alpha series by Lori Sjoberg and another great read.

Ty Flint’s car breaks down in a small Florida town and while waiting for his car to be fixed he ends up at a bar called The Swamp and finds lots questions but no answers and a beautiful woman named Lola who has secrets that he wants to know and find out what this unexpected attraction he has for her.

Lola came to this small town to claim her inheritance which includes land, a 14 foot alligator named Reggie and the bar called The Swamp. Being from up north and certain people do not want her there she is attracting danger to herself and her employees from some very powerful people who want the land and bar but she is fighting back.

When Ty is arrested for destroying her bar (which he didn’t do) he decides to put all his skills to work to and with the help of this family to keep Lola safe and keep those so called powerful people from trying to destroy all she has….but will he be able to also win her love or does she just want a fling while he is in town???

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