Danger Mine Danger Mine

Danger Mine

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From USA Today bestselling author Megan Mitcham…

One determined to avoid it. One determined to conquer it. Both on a wayward mission and unable to deny it.

Khani Slaughter has dealt with danger since the day of her conception. After thirty-one years dealing with the b******t, she knows how to attack it, defeat it, and avoid it. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, she still gravitates toward it. When you’re the head—and sometimes-deadly hands—of the Base Branch, the special operations force for the United Nations, hazard is everywhere. Her personal life, though, is restricted territory for trouble. No strings flings. That’s what she went for. Uncomplicated rolls in the sack. That was all she allowed. Or it was … until the rookie showed up.

Base Branch operative King Street takes danger and molds it to his benefit. Only there’s not much advantage in screwing the boss when regret sends her across an ocean. The desire to make her see him for more than a mistake places his wide frame directly in her path.

He is cocky and way too brash. Not at all what she wants. But when her brother goes missing, he is who she needs. Someone willing to navigate a wasteland and dodge bullets and her prickly demeanor to help rescue her only family. And, just maybe, in the process they can save each other from their painful pasts.

"Megan Mitcham's books are well-paced, well-plotted suspense novels edged with stunning sensual intensity. Her lovers are cold and deadly--except when they are skin-to-skin. I can't wait for the next book in the series!"


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Note: Each Base Branch novel stands alone, but is best enjoyed when read in order.

Base Branch Series Reading List

1. Enemy Mine

2. Justice Mine

3. Stranger Mine

4. Warrior Mine

5. Danger Mine

6. Prisoner Mine

7. Versions

8. Virtues

9. Variations

10. Survivor Mine

July 7
Megan Mitcham
MM Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Judesdell ,

What do you want more than this!?!?!… A complete BANG!!!

I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review and all words and opinions are solely my own.

How much action, emotional upheavals and brute force can you take and still come up gasping for more?!?!
This is the fifth book in the series and it just has not let up!! Adrenaline junkies have their fix by doing some of the crazy actions in this journey through Alaska with King and Khani in search of Zeke while pseudo-ones like myself, live through these novels where we can be as crazy as the next mind-cracked-glacier-hiking, chasm jumping lunatic, all from the safety of our own cuddly place. I think I like that better, alot less nerve wracking !!!!
That said... What I found most absorbing in this book is the relationship between King and Khani. Here we have two very damaged and abused souls who have every reason to be mean and evil but they choose the high road and selflessly make they vocation in life to shield the world from hatred and horror as they fight daily against it.
I tried really hard to find a reason to give Khani a hard time as she always appears this "hard-nosed" woman who needs nothing and no-one, but try as I might I find she is a little abused girl in a woman's body who is super protective of all she loves and especially her very thinly veiled heart. King's character is so good for her, he is her male version with huge muscles and towering strength. The line: “Choosing vulnerability is the greatest show of strength.” so depicts this book as it resonates throughout and draws you in tighter and tighter until you feel for these two characters and rejoice when they finally... Well actually it's Khani who finally, let go and let it be and happen. She's not so hard and mean. She is a crusty crab merely protecting her soft underbelly but don't get me wrong ... Cross her and she becomes a raging torrent so beware. A real modern woman if you ask me so yeah I like her!!! King, well who wouldn't like a behemoth of a man with a wicked mind and willing to please?!?!? Thought so... No contest ladies!!!
Again we are swept into these unforgettable journeys of mobsters and mayhem, explosions and gunfire with thrilling adventures that keeps your heart pumping and in some cases stop altogether only to race off again. It's all I can do to keep still before the next leg of my journey which will be Book 6 of the series!! Can't wait to see where we're off to this time .... saddle up and off we go!!!

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