#4 - Task Force 779

Dangerous Affair

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Publisher Description

From USA Today Bestselling author KL Donn comes Dangerous Affair, book 4 in her military romance series, Task Force 779.

Deadly and dangerous, Nix is ready to risk it all.

Fifteen years. That's how long Nixon "Knot" Bishop has given to the United States army and special forces to keep his country safe. Recruited from the Rangers when he was twenty-nine to run an elite group of men known as Task Force 779, Nix has known no better purpose. Every mission makes the world a better place and he's satisfied with that. When he's sent to Brazil with teammate Weston Green to protect a diplomat sent to investigate the American ambassador in the South American country, the last thing Nix expects is to meet a girl.

After their first encounter, she seems to pop up everywhere he goes. At one point, he believes she's following him until he surprises her only to find someone has hurt her. Every protective instinct in Nix screams to take care of her. But he's never deviated from his duty before.

After an emergency calls him home, Nix can't stop thinking of the beautiful Brazilian girl so when he's ordered back, the first thing he does is search for her.

Used, abused, and wanting change, Abriella thinks she's got the help of an American soldier until one day, he's gone.

Abriella Rhodes is the daughter of a Brazilian drug kingpin and an American nurse, and her brother never allows her to forget it. Her whole life has been spent spying on her father and brother in the hopes of one day getting out. Meeting Nix, he was right, she did follow him. Planning each encounter so that it wasn't too suspicious wasn't as easy as it seemed.

Until the day she shows up beaten and terrified.

Nix makes demands she wants to give to him and when she finally has the courage to spill all, he's disappeared. Terrified of what will happen to herself, Abriella goes into hiding until she hears the whispers of his return. Seeking him out, she begs Nix to get her out of the country and when it finally happens, she couldn't be happier.

Until her father calls threatening to kill her mother.

Leaving her new lover and his welcoming home, Abriella sets off back to Brazil only to find her mother already dead and one of the cruelest men in the Argentina crime syndicate waiting to take her home.

Sold, Abriella knows what her life will be like, so she fights. Knowing death will be her only escape Surprised when she wakes up in an American hospital, Abriella has no recollection of who she is or how she got there.

What she doesn't know is that the world she left behind is about to find her just as she begins seeking on answers about her past.

A mysterious call, and a plea for help, Nix isn't playing around this time, he's ready to take on the entire cartel to keep Abriella safe or die trying, even if she has no idea who he is.

February 20
KL Donn
Draft2Digital, LLC

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