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Betrayed by her first husband, Samantha packed up her life and drove out west.  Never intending to stop in Montana, she felt called to the DeBron ranch.  Landing a job as the cook was a life saver and, with the warm sunshine and fresh hair, she learned how to live again.  

Not to trust though!  

Charlie spotted the beautiful woman by the creek and couldn’t get her out of his mind.  He had things to do.  He didn’t have time to flirt.  

So why was he riding by the creek – again?  

Because something about the beautiful woman called to him.  

Unfortunately, his strict moral code wouldn’t allow him to have an affair with an employee.  So when he discovered that Samantha was none other than the new ranch cook “Sam”, he couldn’t allow himself to see her. 

But he couldn’t stay away.  

Marriage was the only answer.  Being with Samantha wouldn’t violate his moral code if they were married.  

Now to convince the little lady to take a chance on him.  She didn’t trust men.  Not after what her first husband put her through.  But he was determined to get around her concerns.  Failure was not an option!

December 19
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

Customer Reviews

PSemones ,


I loved this book, it was about love, caring, surprise, children, life. Beautiful.. yes a little fantasy, but real life. The one problem is how did Droon get to the ranch. He didn't speak English. I have read the next three and I have found there are to many holes in these stories. If you write a book please give all the info.

TrishaAnne38 ,

Simply okay

The writing is done well and the editing is good. The story, however, is hokey and the ending is so stretched out and unbelievable that I regretted reading the rest of the book.

Dancemanleo ,

Extra Cheese

The book starts off okay but then turns to a bit ridiculous. You don't see where the ex-husband is explained and you get very little of Charlie's history and why it's such a big deal that he showed up in church. Then the book abruptly ends and you get these insights into how each kid was brought into their family. No story in between just each kids arrival. I kept reading, waiting for the good part and I just didn't find it.

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