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Daniel Is About to Get the Punishment of a Lifetime—and There is Little He Can Do to Stop It

A 9,000-word gay bondage and punishment novella

Daniel has worked at the comfort station for a few days now that he met Derrick, a man who has offered to help him get out of debt in exchange for taking punishments from wealthy business men who get off on abusing his soft, 23-year-old body in the cruelest of ways.

Whether he is getting the soles of his bare feet savagely whipped in cruel bondage or contending with a tight hogtie that will leave him breathless, Daniel has more than his fair share of punishments to deal with. And all because he made so many bad financial decisions in his younger years.

But will Derrick, Daniel’s boss, find a way into the young man’s heart and offer him the healing he has so desperately sought but so far been unable to find? Find out in Daniel’s Thrashing!

A.J. Moor Has Done It Again

A.J. Moor is one of the most prolific and celebrated gay bondage and masters and slaves writers of our day. His Daniel’s Punishment Series is currently one of his more popular works, and he is diligently putting out new material all the time.

Don’t miss this latest book Daniel’s Thrashing, the third book in the series.

What Will Happen to Daniel?

Will Daniel be able to withstand the punishments his clients subject him to? Will those clients take the punishments too far? Will Derrick come to Daniel’s rescue when he needs him most?

Find out in Daniel’s Thrashing - Book 3 in the Daniel’s Punishment Series! Scroll up and click the buy button to get your copy now!

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September 1
AJ Moor
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