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The Prison Break, the Manhunt, the Inside Story
In June 2015, two vicious convicted murderers broke out of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, in New York’s North Country, launching the most extensive manhunt in state history. Aided by prison employee Joyce Mitchell, double murderer Richard Matt and cop-killer David Sweat slipped out of their cells, followed a network of tunnels and pipes under the thirty-foot prison wall, and climbed out of a manhole to freedom.
For three weeks, the residents of local communities were virtual prisoners in their own homes as law enforcement from across the nation swept the rural wilderness near the Canadian border. The manhunt made front-page headlines—as did the prison sex scandal involving both inmates and Joyce Mitchell—and culminated in a dramatic and bloody standoff.
Now Charles A. Gardner—a lifelong resident of the community and a former correction officer who began his training at Clinton and ultimately oversaw the training of staff in twelve prisons, including Clinton—tells the whole story from an insider's point of view.
From the lax ethics and sexual hunger that drove Joyce Mitchell to fraternize with Matt and Sweat, smuggle them tools, and offer to be their getaway driver, to the state budget cuts that paved the way for prison corruption, to the brave and tireless efforts to bring the escaped killers to justice, Dannemora is a gripping account of the circumstances that led to the bold breakout and the twenty-three-day search that culminated in one man dead, and one man back in custody—and lingering questions about those who set the deadly drama in motion.

February 26
Penguin Random House LLC

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Load fun ,

Very interesting

I received an advanced copy of this book book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I requested this book because I was looking for a break from my typical reading of contemporary romance novels. I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to read and review this book. One reason I requested this title was because I remember when it was in the news, but the other is because I was born and raised in this part on NY and it makes it all mean so much more.

I really like all of the insight and background info this author was able to give. He made it feel like a really good episode of Dateline or Lock-up! Many people are to blame for what happened, besides the obvious few, there are those that tried to report the inappropriate relationships but gave up or turned a blind eye. Mitchell’s husband and her employers should be held accountable as well. The MOST DISGUSTING display of arrogance came from Governor Cuomo - I just can’t understand how the public voted him back into office. This is just another wonderful example of what is wrong with out world today - certain officials will always be ABOVE the law!