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I would like to see my retellings of classic literature used in schools, so I give permission to the country of Finland (and all other countries) to buy one copy of this eBook and give copies to all students forever. I also give permission to the state of Texas (and all other states) to buy one copy of this eBook and give copies to all students forever. I also give permission to all teachers to buy one copy of this eBook and give copies to all students forever.

Teachers need not actually teach my retellings. Teachers are welcome to give students copies of my eBook as background material. For example, if they are teaching Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” teachers are welcome to give students copies of my “Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’: A Retelling in Prose” and tell students, “Here’s another ancient epic you may want to read in your spare time.”

Suppose that you have messed up your life so badly that you are in danger of going to Hell. Suppose further that a deceased loved one tries to save your soul by getting permission for you to travel through Hell and see how the damned are tormented. You get to see how the unrepentant sinners are justly punished for the sins they have committed. You also are able to talk to some of the sinners. All of this is a last-ditch effort to educate you enough that you will know how to live so that you can stay out of Hell when you die. But the sinners are not on your side. They tell self-serving stories and leave out important information. Nevertheless, you can learn something from the sinners you talk to. Can you see through the sinners’ self-serving stories and learn what you need to know to stay out of the Inferno after you die?

At the beginning of Dante’s INFERNO, Dante the Pilgrim is in the dark wood of error and cannot find his way out. But help is coming.

The INFERNO is one-third of Dante's THE DIVINE COMEDY, which consists of the INFERNO, PURGATORY, and PARADISE. THE DIVINE COMEDY is also available in a Kindle edition and may be purchased at Amazon.

This is retelling of Dante's "Inferno" in novel form.

Fiction & Literature
September 15
David Bruce
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Customer Reviews

george lucas was better ,

Dante's inferno

Supposedly one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written....ok

Well the author of this book does a good job telling the story in a way that makes sense.

But is it the greatest literature ever written... Not in my humble opinion.

I give it 3 stars.

NYTedit ,


This is one of the worst pieces of liturature ever i have no idea how this is the first thing that comes up iv had read several transcriptions and this is the worst of them all im sorry but the retelling of the inferno is horrible your sentece structure is crap i know it is a hard poem to understand but to dumb it down to such a level that you restate the refrences made by dante in your actual text is just hilarious do not by this not worth a penny

3080mw ,

Fun and entertaining

I've always been fascinated by people's depictions of hell and other fictitious places, very fun and entertaining.

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