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Five coworkers.

Four drinks.

Three glances.

Two fleeting smiles.

One dare.

A dare that will change my life.

That’s all it takes to send me plummeting into the arms of the mysterious Holt Hamilton. Behind his crystal blue eyes is a secret, one that screams danger but calls to me anyway.

My name is Saige Phillips.

I never walk away from a dare.

March 28
Rebecca Shea Author LLC
Rebecca Martinez

Customer Reviews

Christine Miller28 ,

Loved this book!

This was the first book I've read by this author and I couldn't put it down. This story was one of such heartbreak and such pain. Saige has suffered such tragic loss in her life and she has never been able to move on. Holt never expected to fall in love so deeply with Saige and he knows that if she finds out his secret that she will walk away from him. Holt is a character that I found myself loving to the bitter end. This is a man who has everything, but loves so completely. He is kind and completely vulnerable to Saige. I loved him. Saige can't let herself love Holt. In order to move on with her future, she has to bury the past. This was such a powerful story about letting go of the past in order to have a future. I was drawn into the story and the characters and absolutely loved it!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

4.5 Stars!

My #1 favorite thing in a book is when the guy chases the girl. Call me old fashioned but I want my Hero's so enamored with the heroine that the pursue them relentlessly. Nothing makes me happier! I also loved the mystery as the story unfolded. Holt knew more about Saige than what he was letting on and I wanted to know the secret he was keeping. The only thing that kept this book from being perfect for me was Saige's constant pushing Holt away, but then it also showed how much Holt was willing to do to make her his. I really enjoyed this.

Mommy from Ohio ,

More Holt Please!

When you're play truth or dare with coworkers, you shouldn't mix alcohol right? Well sometimes it just gives you that little push to take the dare and follow thru. Liquid courage. And that is exactly what Saige needed in order to take her dare from her friends. A dare that would forever change her. Holt his Saige's hot boss and lord is he great! I know if I was in Saige's shoes I'd take that dare and run!

The relationship with Holt and Saige is charismatic. They mesh so well together. But neither want to really relive their pasts. So their pull to each other is what draws you in from page one.

I seriously didn't want to put this book down. This books has it all! Don't hesitate and one click this book!

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