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Marianne Roland is a widow who has left behind her past including memories of an intemperate husband and the hardships of the American civil war. Now she enjoys the comforts her wealthy Uncle Killian bestows on all his family. As she watches others fall in love, she decides to find an amusing lover for herself but only for one enchanting night.

Andre Claude Marceau, Duc de Remy and Prince d’Aumale, finds Marianne’s joie de vivre enchanting—and her plan for a temporary affair with him impossible.

He offers her one night in his arms, and to his delight, she craves another. But he needs more from her than a few hours of bliss. So when he shows her how to fill her days with passions that complement those they enjoy together at night, Marianne must choose. 

Will she insist on a passing fancy? Or will she abandon the terrors of her past to embrace a brighter future beside a man who offers her a grand love affair with life?

December 1
W. J. Power
Wilma Jo-Ann Power

Customer Reviews

Peg1951 ,

Wonderful Story

What an absolutely wonderful love story! Marianne and Remy were fascinated by each other from the moment they met. They are drawn together through their common interest in art. When they finally begin an affair, it is sizzling. Remy encourages Marianne’s art and pushes her to discover everything she can be, to bring her inherent passion to her art. It seems they are made for each other. Remy may be ready for more, but Marianne, whose first marriage was miserable, is too afraid to reach for more. They will lose each other unless he can rein in his pride and break through her barriers. This is the second book in the Notorious Americans. Both the book and the series shouldn’t be missed.

lfdykes ,


Compelling, Amazing, outstanding, gripping, emotional, A 10+ star. I am sitting here as I have turned the last page and am devastated. I did not want this story to end. The descriptions of the characters and the settings surrounded me. Paris, 1877, a time of more freedom in the arts and our hero, Andre' Claude Marceau, Duc of Remy and Prince of d'Aumale is larger than life. He is a famous artist, a magnificent artist in many realms. Marianne Roland is a widow from America, in Paris to help her uncle with her nieces. They are being dressed to have their come out and find suitable husbands. As Remy and Marianne cross paths, although each only gets a glimpse of the other, they are fated to be together or so it seems. When they finally do meet, it is magic for them both, although Marianne is weary from her terrible marriage and past horrors she had suffered through. Remy pushes her to come to him but she has to sort out in her mind what to do. When Marianne goes to the an exhibit of Remy's art, the description of the sculpture in white marble had me holding my breath and felt that I was there with her. As Remy finds her there, the verbal interchange between them with all the double entendres was so emotional I had to stop reading briefly. As their journey continues, Remy wants more of Marianne than she is prepared to give. I will leave it at that for you the reader to find out how this story ends. This book brought out so many feelings and truly is one of the best I have read. Wild Lily, the first book in the series, was also amazing but this story, although can be read as a standalone, is even better when read after the first. There are several secondary characters that I look forward to having their own story. Do not miss reading this amazing book by Cerise DeLand. I know I will put this on my shelf to be reread again soon.

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