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Exciting   Explicit   Extraterrestrial?

All over south Florida people are seeing things - things that can't be real - or can they?

Nikki Holden's boss gives her the most bizarre assignment of her career. More than 200 solid citizens have reported sightings and contacts with UFO's! Soon she's on the trail of the truth with help from the Univ. of Tenn. Space Insitute & the Air Force!

Roman Cantrell comes to the aide of an old Army buddy and finds himself with the most baflling case of his career. Did the US Army actually hijack an armored car? Or is his buddy feeding Roman a pack of lies?

When their cases converge - Roman and Nikki become trapped in a plot that's stranger than science fiction but as real as death in Dark Corners.

September 20
Damsel in Distress Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

DonnaFaz ,


Wonderful story! This well-plotted, entertaining page-turner kept me riveted. Nikki is a vivacious redhead and Roman is just the top-dog kind of guy to take her on. The twists and turns in the book make it a really great read.

glhince ,

you want to read on because of Nikki and Roman

So, Nikki is now finally recovered from the beating she had taken, and is feeling a bit unsettled by her own indecision regarding leaving Roman’s house. She’s not interested (she thinks) in connections, doesn’t believe in romance, can’t find a reason why Roman would want her, and still doesn’t want to go. But she is B O R E D and restless, so the opportunity to debunk the journalistic disaster that is the bread and butter of her boss Matt’s new acquisition is too tempting and tasty.

UFO’s are being sighted all over south Florida, and a pairing with one of the tabloid’s ace ‘reporters’ brings her to a site with a boomerang-shaped imprint, chlorophyll-leached sugarcane, a 30 metre fissure, some strange rocks and a dead body. The body belongs to a guard who disappeared after an armored truck heist, working for a company that is a client of Roman’s security firm.

Oh the twists are big and broad in this one: with mysteries overlapping and connecting, an M1A1 Abrams tank, UFO’s, a commander at the local Air Force Base, Nikki’s Mafia-don protector and his interior-decorating henchman, the FBI, CIA, ATF and a series of serious scientists, sane and not.

With what I have come to see as Chase’s trademark wise-cracking interactive dialogue, Nikki becomes the center of the story as pieces start to fall into place and her determination to ‘get’ the story sends her off, curiosity piqued, into confirming her hunches. When you add in a completely brilliant and utterly bonkers antagonist, a tigress, several geeks with questionable morality and Roman’s take no prisoners approach to keeping Nikki in his life, the story is hard to walk away from. Real science and information is a highlight as the plot develops, and several passages may require a bit of second or third reading, but the seeming overload of technical detail does start to place Nikki’s thought process into the reader’s head, and you see how she arrives at, and decides to investigate her conclusions.

This isn’t a simple mystery with interconnected pieces, relationships and a bit of personal baggage thrown in to mix things up, but that just serves to add dimension and plausibility to the characters. While the mystery is solid and captivating, you want to read on because of Nikki and Roman, you become their cheerleader and partner.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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