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This is book 1 of the Dark Bad Boy Hitman Romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I’ve got blood on my hands and vengeance on my mind. But taking her changed everything.

My brother was never the same after he came home from the war.

The medicine was supposed to help him. To quiet his demons.

But it only set them loose.

Now, he’s on death row for a crime that never should have happened.

Bad pharmaceuticals are to blame. More specifically, the bastards who make and sell them.

So I’m gonna hunt down the people who poisoned my brother’s mind.

And I’m gonna force them to pay for what they did to my family.

But I didn’t expect evil to take the form of a curvy, icy woman.

Emily West is a wicked temptation and a symbol of everything wrong with the world, all at once.

My mind is whirling.

Do I take her or do I break her?

I’d better decide quick.

Because the cops are banging on the door.

And if they catch me with a gun at the head of a Fortune 500 CEO…

I’m gonna get tossed in a cell of my own.


Dane is a savage, filthy bad boy hitman who will stop at nothing to get the vengeance he seeks in this dark romance with sex from bestselling bad boy mob romance author Naomi West. DARK DESIRE is a new adult contemporary romance novel that will leave you gasping with its steamy intimate scenes, dark twists, and a surprise ending that you’ll never see coming. So get your hands on this romance love story today!

December 2
MBK Hanson Inc.
MBK Hanson Inc.

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