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A cop hunting a violent thrill seeker. A woman from his past. Will their history and heated attraction put his case on ice?

Detective John Sevier never wanted to be anything but a cop. When a string of jewelry store heists threatens the woman he let get away years before, he'll stop at nothing to bring the adrenaline junkie gang leader to justice.

Ava McNair never looked at her life as a sacrifice. She loves taking care of her dad and running her family's jewelry store with her special needs sister. So what if that meant dropping out of college and leaving behind a man who just might have been the one? When fate gives her and the detective who got away a second shot at love, will she step up and take it or will life tear them apart again?

With Ava in the path of a killer, will John be able to move fast enough to take down a violent man set on wreaking as much damage as he can before he goes down?

Grab Dark Falls from NY Times Bestselling Author Lori Ryan and get ready for a night of "one more chapter" reading!

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October 9
Lori Ryan
Brighton Parker Rose, LLC

Customer Reviews

Angel4jc ,

Good storyline

I liked the story but could do without all the explicit sex scenes. I had to skip over to read the actual story.

straighttalker198 ,

Too bad

Not great

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