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Behind the facade of piety and respectability, the true face of Victorian England was rather more…dirty. In these three kinky, sexy, twisted tales, submission is demanded and innocence is despoiled. Are you ready to see the Dark Hearts and Dirty Secrets of the Victorian Age?
Story 1: The Submission of Little Lady Sophia
When beautiful and innocent Sophia is told that she is to marry Lord Sebastian Morgan, she feels like her life is over before it has even begun. On her wedding night, he introduces her to his twisted desires, and soon the young and inexperienced Sophia finds herself drawn into a world of intense pleasure and exquisite pain. Can Sophia's body and mind survive the night intact? Or will she lose herself as she becomes a plaything of her new Lord and Master?
Story 2: Ravishing the Flower Girl
Beatrice is a beautiful young woman, but circumstances beyond her control have left her homeless on the streets of Victorian London. She is reduced to selling flowers, and has barely two pennies to rub together.
Then fate intervenes. She is approached by a dark and mysterious coachman, with an offer she cannot refuse. His Master has noticed her, and decided he must have her. And he's willing to pay handsomely for her services.
So, innocent Beatrice finds herself inside the stranger’s carriage, helpless before his depraved desires. As her innocence ebbs away, Beatrice's own appetites awaken, and she embraces the wanton hussy inside of her.
Story 3: Her Lesson in Discipline
Leticia is a spoiled, wild child. She cannot be tamed, and she laughs in the face of propriety. Her family are in despair—and Leticia doesn't give a damn.
So they send her for discipline elsewhere, to an institution that specializes in making naught young ladies see the error of their ways. Leticia is defiant, and finds herself in the office—and then bent over the knees—of the stern headmaster. He will teach her a special kind of discipline—and awaken in her a desire that she never thought possible...
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
“Love? I’m sorry to disappoint you Sophia, but not everyone can marry for love. Some marriages are born of practicality. Some of ambition. Love often does not enter into it at all.”
“And what of this marriage?” I cried, by now just as angry as I was upset. “What is this loathsome match born of?”
My father bowed his head. “Desperation. All those years ago when I want to Lord Morgan with cap in hand, looking for a loan, I was desperate. We were days away from losing the house, and the house was all we had. We would have been homeless and destitute. So when he made his offer to me, I could not refuse.”
“What offer?” I demanded, though with a sinking heart I was beginning to understand the bargain my father had made. “What did you promise him?”
Still unable to meet my eye, Papa gave me the answer I had been dreading.
“You. I promised him you. We wrote into the contract that when you reached the age of twenty-one, Sebastian Morgan would have your hand in marriage.”
I had heard enough. I turned and stormed out of the room, running to my bedroom and locking the door behind me.
I wouldn’t do it! Hell would have to freeze over before I would marry Sebastian Morgan!
But of course, I had no choice. It soon transpired in further tearful conversations with both Papa and Mama that the contract with Lord Morgan was completely watertight. If I refused to marry him, he would be able to take the house and turf us straight out onto the street. For a time I maintained that I would rather live the life of homeless street urchin than marry against my will, but my parents wore me down, as parents always do. In the end I accepted my fate. I would do my duty, and marry Sebastian Morgan.

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April 16
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