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Dark Light Present Today is the second book of Forever Tomorrow, Volume One of the epic futuristic trilogy within a trilogy that The Book of Tomorrows has become. It follows the thrilling action tale of high adventure and true romance found in the pages of Book One: Bright Night Past Yesterday, while holding back Book Three: Evening Dawn Future Tomorrow until after Volume Two: I, Messiah & Volume Three: The Prophet Warrior of the main trilogy reveal how it got that way. Picking up where the first book left off, a Special Investigator arrives at the scene of the bomb blast that took place after the wedding ceremony for the unknown heir to the Prophet Warrior. Saddled with a feisty, new female partner, the Special Investigator is instantly suspicious of a piece of conveniently found evidence at the horrific crime. He also has some serious doubts about the efficiency expert who claimed to find it, especially after it implicates two of heir’s ex-roommates. The heir’s best friend and the country’s number one celebrity defends their old roommates, who stand accused of being terrorist bombers as well as lovers, while the efficiency expert prosecutes the case with the Guardian Administrator sitting in judgment. The Prosecution blames the defendant’s crimes on their alleged homosexuality, which he insists led to the downfall of the old world. As court adjourns for lunch, the heir arrives and points out an overlook resource only an old recluse with worldwide satellite surveillance has the ability to access. Back in court, the defense proves his clients’ are innocent, but unwittingly sets forth a series of events that snowballs into dark storm surrounding lives of those closest to the mysterious heir of The Prophet Warrior. As time passes, an upheaval in the power structure forces the heir and his very pregnant bride to undertake a dangerous journey that could spell disaster for all if they should fail. Their hurried flight sets them on a course through the past to seek out ancient truths dating back before the founding of New America. Except now, the stakes are raised even greater than anyone ever imagined possible.

Fiction & Literature
April 1
Alexander Ulysses Thor
Smashwords, Inc.

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