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A Dark Tale of Blood, Power and Magic.

Romantic, compelling and brimming with sexual tension, 'Dark Love (The Two Vampires, #3),' will imprint on your mind and leave you with a thirst for more.

Sarah's world has turned upside down. Now a vampire she will need to battle blood lust and decide on a new life path so she doesn't hurt those she cares about most . . .


#1 Dark Wine
#2 Dark Blood
#3 Dark Love
#4 Dark Moors

This series contains hot and steamy sex scenes; aimed at readers of 18+ years.

Extract from 'THE TWO VAMPIRES'

Sarah felt a spasm race over her body. Her eyes jerked open as she took a big gulp of fresh air. She looked around and saw conifers in every direction. The light was fading.
What the hell was she doing; sleeping in the forest? Who was looking after Megan and Bea? And why the hell was her throat burning like mad?
Ugh, she was so thirsty. She needed to drink badly, her throat hurt - it was parched.
She focused her attention on her ears and listened out for water.
Then she heard a pounding heart. It was rhythmic and alluring.
She felt like she was slipping into a trance.
Sarah jumped to her feet. She started to move towards the sound - without even realizing what she was doing: Stalking her prey.
She spotted a young deer ahead. Its nose was rummaging through the leaves, looking for food. She was beautiful; her fur was a rich coppery red. Sarah watched the deer and located its pulse at its neck. She watched it entranced; beating steadily.
Sarah's thirst drew her out from behind a tree. The deer raised its head and looked directly at her with wide startled eyes. Sarah looked back, one second of connection, before it turned and ran.
Sarah acted on instinct; she bolted forward. She did not know why, but she could not let the deer escape.
She knew one thing: If she could only reach that deer, have it for herself - it would sooth her thirst. It would make her feel better.
She needed the deer.
Sarah sprang, landing on its back. It crippled beneath her, unable to support her weight.
Her eyes were again drawn to the pulse at the neck. She admired the smooth expanse of silky fur before her, while she held on tight to stop herself falling away, to stop the deer breaking free. Her teeth felt strange. They ached. They longed to pierce the neck before her.
Her mouth opened as her head moved slowly forwards, entranced. She held the struggling deer very still and tentatively grazed the neck with her teeth. A faint line of blood appeared. She furrowed her forehead in confusion; were her teeth that sharp?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 28
M.D. Bowden
Smashwords, Inc.

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