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He's a beautiful devil in Armani, obsessed with possessing me…or punishing me…or maybe just claiming my soul.  

Aleksio grew up orphaned, hunted - because of my father. Now the sweet boy I knew is a dark prince, gorgeous and brutal in his Armani suit. 

He drags me from my life. He wraps my hair in his fist. He'll do anything to rescue his brothers...and I'm my father's only weakness.

"I'm the most dangerous enemy you'll ever have," he tells me, "Because every time you look at me, you see somebody good."

But I remember when Aleksio was my childhood friend. I remember when they lowered his tiny casket into the ground, and how I cried when they lied to us and told us the prince was dead.

"A breathtaking ride of danger and dark sensuality." ~NYT Bestselling author Skye Warren

"Twisted, sexy and dark--Dark Mafia Prince is everything I love in a stay-up-all-night-can't-put-it-down read!"

~M. O'Keefe

"Explosively fantastic!"

~KL Kreig

A top read of the year! 

~Totally Booked, Saints & Sinners Books, Romance Book Nerd

June 28
Annika Martin
Cinnamon Crane, LLC

Customer Reviews

enj0yl!f3 ,

Dark Mafia Prince - Wow!

I downloaded a copy of this book free from Apple Books not knowing what to expect having never read books by this author. Wow, I’m so glad I did!

This book held my attention from beginning to end. This book deals with a “dethroned” mafia leader whose sons, separated at a very young age, are claiming vengeance. It’s an action packed love story with lots of heat. Perhaps you’ll enjoy this read too!

Sai, ,

Dark Mafia Prince

I just finished and the theme was good,write
about children and the way parents love them.Even in the worst cases of abuse, they
create fictions. Somehow the parent love them::: because the child needs to believe in the goodness of the parents. You become adult when you lost both parents? Maybe it's
more like you become truly adult when you have last your illusion about your parents!!!!
I recommend for readers who likes Dark Themes:::::

grecamb ,

Not a good book.

Repetitive. Boring. I only finished reading it because I paid for it, but I skipped through a lot. You don’t need this book in your life😂

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