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For over a thousand years, they have stared through the invisible force separating their world from ours, and grew hungry.

Now, they've found a way through.

Darkness from their side swallows our skies; their disease leaves our bodies as soulless husks. Only two things can save us: a mysterious power locked in a small chest covered with undecipherable glyphs, and the seven year old girl it chose as its protector.

A young Katie, trying to make sense of the grainy flashes from her past, escapes an organization determined to use her untapped special abilities to open a mysterious box she knows nothing about. With the Artifact in tow, she is hunted until rescued by a haunted, PTSD Vietnam vet Jonas Montgomery.

Surviving the Viet Cong and many battles with the unwelcome visitors, Jonas finds his inner demons even more difficult. His only purposes in life—protect and train the girl to master what lies within her.

The dark forces plaguing our world increase. Jonas and Katie realize they must take a stand, before the final chance to save Earth vanishes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 31
Michael K. Drummer
Smashwords, Inc.

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Creative Developer ,

Dark Matter Syndome

Great read - can’t wait for Book 2!

I do not use one ,

In Dark Matter Syndrome, Book One: The Awakening

In Dark Matter Syndrome, Book One: The Awakening, a paranormal thriller, Michael K. Drummer takes us into a dark and exciting action filled world. His protagonists, Katie, a young woman, and Jonas, a mature Vietnam vet are all that stand between humanity’s survival on Earth and an evil, disease laden darkness.
Trained in the Martial Arts, the author delivers non-stop, realistic hand-to-hand combat in a fresh, exciting fashion through vivid scenes and sharp dialogue.
Vampire-like alien demons pursue Katie to gain control of her mysterious artifact and complete the destruction of mankind. Jonas protects and ultimately trains her to be his partner in combat.
The writer crafts their journey through a treacherous path of twists and surprise in a vividly realistic, dark, and dangerous world.
There is material here for an extended story spanning several books and the author’s initial efforts promise a successful series.
I recommend this as a must read.

E L Russell

CEMuse70 ,

Highly entertaining!

A real page turner. Action packed throughout. I am looking forward to following this story as it continues.