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Nick Whittier, the lovable vampire who has killed over 30,000 people, is back!  He writes his latest tale from inside a shack in Montana where he is hiding out from the authorities who are hunting him.  Who was really responsible for ruining his life in Starside, Illinois?  Nick has uncovered the truth… but he is not going to discuss it until after he tells the story of how he killed Adolf Hitler. 

Since he only feeds on terrible human beings, Nick often had a hard time finding victims over the years.  World War Two was the worst military conflict in history, but for Nick it was a vacation.  He happily gorges himself on the despicable people who are goose-stepping all over Europe.  While the lesser Nazis are delicious, Nick’s ultimate goal is to drain the blood out of Hitler, the worst human being who has ever lived.  He gets distracted from his hunt when he learns that the Nazis are developing a secret weapons program that could turn the tide of the war.  Nick reluctantly decides to intervene to disrupt the program with the help of a young werewolf named Chuck Kruse.

Dark Moonlighting 2: Kruse Control is the second book in the humorous Dark Moonlighting series.  While book one highlighted Nick’s work as a doctor, lawyer and cop, book two tells about his career as a Nazi hunter.  It explores war clichés and pokes fun at modern hits like Captain America and Band of Brothers in addition to classics like Hogan’s Heroes and Indiana Jones.  It also examines more vampire clichés as Nick tells about his early years as a creature of the night in the 14th century.

The Dark Moonlighting Series:

Dark Moonlighting

Dark Moonlighting 2: Kruse Control

Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard

Dark Moonlighting 4: The One with the Whales

Dark Moonlighting 5: Electric Dark Moonlightingaloo

Fiction & Literature
August 9
Scott Haworth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Sydnie1993 ,

Great read

This book came up on my bookbub and I've been hooked to it since. I'm just about to start the 3rd book. I recommend reading this

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