Dark Nebula Box Set : Books 1-3 Dark Nebula Box Set : Books 1-3
Book 1 - Dark Nebula Box Set

Dark Nebula Box Set : Books 1-3

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Publisher Description

Embark on a galactic voyage with the Dark Nebula box set, facing a universe of good intentions gone wrong. Will anyone survive when the past demands its due?

In a not-so-distant future where humanity stands accused and on the brink of interstellar conflict, one family finds their destinies intertwined in a battle that spans generations and stars. From the echelons of power within the Inner and Outer rings of Sol, to the far reaches of space, their choices will determine the fate of human civilization in the face of an intergalactic threat.

Book 1, Dark Nebula: Isolation, introduces us to the Olivaws, grappling with their role as humanity’s defender against an alien tribunal, and Joyce Green — a colony leader and bereaved mother — driven by the death of her son to uncover the origin of a deadly virus. Their revelations threaten to unravel the very fabric of humanity’s past.

Book 2, Dark Nebula: Discovery, follows the Olivaw brothers as they confront familial estrangement and ancient grievances against a backdrop of interstellar peril, where humanity’s legacy and future are questioned at every turn.

Book 3, Dark Nebula: Generations, delves into the Olivaw family origin, and their ancestors ambitious quest to cement humanity’s place in the cosmos. It’s a journey fraught with internal strife and cosmic confrontation that could herald humanity’s ascendancy, or precipitate its fall.

The Dark Nebula series masterfully blends deep emotional resonance with high-stakes adventure, creating a universe rich with detailed characters, existential threats, and a narrative that explores the moral complexities of technological advancement and survival.

Perfect for fans of sweeping space operas, Sean Willson’s first three books are a testament to the enduring power of human resilience, the quest for truth, and their fight for a place among the stars.

Unveil the mysteries, face the trials, and discover the fate of humanity in this captivating box set.

Praise for the Dark Nebula space opera series:

“Exceptionally well thought out plot with believable characters, in short a cannot put down!” - Mark S (Book 1)

“…This book is a fabulous read, you think you can guess what may be coming next, but I was always surprised - I never guessed right. This is a great read for anyone who likes Science Fiction, no matter the sub genre you prefer, this series has it all so far, even some romance…” — Susan M (Book 2)

“A really good read, spent many hours late into the night because I had to see what was coming next. The story has many hidden subplots which merge together well…” - Paul P (Book 1)

“I loved Dark Nebula: Generations! The family background filled in all the unanswered questions about how the Olivaws got where they are now. Fascinating! Now, on to the future!” — Slugpuppy3 (Book 3)

“Great read, kept me turning the page to find out what next.” - Neville B (Book 1)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 14
WideAsleep Publishing
Sean Willson

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