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Night lasts a thousand hours. Forty sleeps—an endless desert of time when no one cares what happens to you until day.

Helene has given up. Only concern for her sister's grave medical condition tethers her to the world she dreams of escaping through death. If only she could bring herself to end it.

Caught out at night getting medicine for her sister, Helene is captured and taken as a slave for Gabriel, the mysterious ruler of the city.

Helene, I will take your struggle away. I will bring you back to life.”

July 14
Burlesque Press
Blue Pencil Media

Customer Reviews

XOlegX ,

Too short.

Before you read my criticism, just know that I was completely hooked by the premise of this story. Download the sample if you are reading this. An amazing author but buckle up for my unbridled critique.

This desperately needs a continuation. The idea is awesome but I was left with complete open-ended dissatisfaction. Not only did I feel cheated in the simple solutions to these masterfully formulated problems in the plot, (and they will be why you love this story) I was also left with an ending that begged more depth in the characters.

I get what Kitty was going for here and I understand that this is about as long as her books get but I was just left wanting more. I believe she built a great world here and I feel like she could easily continue the story without having to start from scratch. This could easily turn into a vampire diaries type long story if she decided to make it one and all she would need are more characters and build up her two main ones in her world. I guess I am just in love with the world she created. I saw so much potential and I actually thought (spoilers) that he would make her the queen of the second world. After the thought sprang to mind, it just made sense but only to realize that this would have had to be a trilogy at least to get her to that point.

Just seems like wasted potential to me. But hey, this is just my twisted way of complimenting a great author who can build such an intricate world for just a short little novel. Crossing my fingers for more books like this one. The talent of this author is truly astounding. Keep up the great work!

Joscasta ,

Another awesome Kitty Thomas tale!

Love this book, as she creates another world, where nights are very very long.... And you never know what might happen if you are caught outside! Helene accidentally didn't make it home before dark, and lo... This is a great story of what happens to her! I've re-read it several times... So good!

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