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Practicing Buddhist and retired forensic pathologist Bodhi King seeks peace. Unfortunately, death keeps finding him.

After solving a series of unexplained deaths and exposing a sordid political scandal, Bodhi retreated from the limelight. Permanently, he thought. But now he's called out of early retirement to help investigate a death cluster on a private island in the Florida Keys.

Healthy residents of a ritzy assisted living facility are dying in the middle of the night ... their faces frozen in terror.

Bodhi arrives on Golden Island to find a community gripped by fear. And beneath the surface, conflict simmers, threatening to boil over. The charismatic leader of the Golden Island Church, the dying Cuban-Americans, and the local Catholic priest all have secrets to protect.

It's up to Bodhi to bring the truth to light ... before another resident dies.

Dark Path
is the first book in an intriguing, engrossing new forensic thriller series by USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller. Lonely Path (Book 2), Hidden Path (Book 3), and Twisted Path (Book 4) are available now!

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 17
Brown Street Book
Melissa Furrer Miller

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Ellen/Oceanside ,


DARK PATH by Melissa Miller. Book 1 in."Bodhi King" series
Cubanos. are dying, suddenly, with fear on their faces. A call from the ME in Florida Keys wanting Bodhi once again. The media and all by solving, cost him a job he loved. Bodhi sought solitude, in remote locations now. The puzzle intrigued him, but not enough to go back. His mind was quiet, but he was jumpy, a decision needed to be made. This was an intriguing, gripping story, that once started had to finish. Dealing with the church, a charismatic pastor, offering you a place, with rewards. The older people, often were catholic and believed in oil and gold candles. Readers will be fascinated with this new series. Great, to know that the next book will be in Nov, and then Dec.

adorablered ,

Dark Path

I really like this series. GREAT storylines and real people “detectives.” The lack of distracting, gratuitous sex also intrigued me. It’s been a while since that happened!!
I highly recommend this book, and look forward to reading more books by Melissa Miller..

i luv reading ,

Dark Path

Exquisite combination of science and religion. Are the combination of the Bible statements and the Buddha statements bolstering with one another are Illuminating. Posturing that three religions agree with each other in very different methodologies supports my personal theory that there are many roads to the top of the mountain.

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