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He saved my mother’s life. Now, I owe him a debt. But I don’t even know who he is. 

Dante Langston is man of extreme wealth and privilege and just as much darkness. 

Our time together was supposed to be a one night stand. 

No names. No phone numbers. No other way to get in touch. 

But I keep going back to look for him. 

What I don’t yet know is that he already knows me. 

He has been watching and waiting. He needs to stay away to protect his secrets but he can’t. 

Neither can I.

I’m addicted to his lips and his touch. He’s addicted to our shared pain. 

What happens when I find out the debt I owe is to him

What happens when I find out the other secrets that he is much more desperate to keep? 

From bestselling author Charlotte Byrd comes an intense romance about debts, lies and secrets and the extent to which people go for love.

Dark Redemption is the second novel in the Dark Intentions series. It is a dark romance/romantic suspense about debt, lies, wealth, crime and family bonds. There is no cheating.

July 5
Byrd Books, LLC
Byrd Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

95one ,

The truth is not always what it seems!

OMG—what a cliffhanger! I can’t believe it ended so quickly… the anticipation of the next book will be succulent and I can’t wait to find out what happens next! I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the pages. DARK REDEMPTION picks up from the first book and that cliffhanger secret is revealed. Jacqueline goes on a mini vacation with her best friend to the Hamptons because of what she found out what Dante did. Dante goes to the Hamptons to spend time with his brother and sister-in-law at their family home because Jacqueline was angry with him. By coincidence, Jacqueline happened to be on the same beach as Dante, and thus they rekindle their relationship. This story has lots of twists and turns that also involves Dante’s brother, his mother, sister-in-law, and Jacqueline’s best friend. Just when I thought the ending would surround Jacqueline’s BFF, then out of nowhere, the story changes. I didn’t see that coming, but it has an unexpected surprise that is so jaw-dropping good! Charlotte Byrd gives the reader all of the ‘feels’ of a great romantic suspense—secrets, mystery, and drama—she just doesn’t disappoint. I would highly recommend this book.

Itswonderful ,

Wonderful Adventure

Dark Redemption is not just the 2nd book in this series. It’s that dark, suspicious and kinda creepy corner that you take very slowly and cautiously, because you’re not sure what’s going on.
Well, with what’s happening with Dante and Jacquelin I’m definitely peeping around that corner. This ENTIRE SERIES is an adventure just waiting to jump at you and keep you under lock and... well I’ll let you read it for yourself.

Any opinions expressed within this review are solely and uniquely made by me and I am happily leaving this review. I voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book.

Bonnie579 ,

What a masterpiece of a book. And the cliffhanger? Oh my gosh.

Drama, danger, romance, deception, secrets and lies. Is anybody who they say they are? It started off at a club, then the argument, then the break up, then the make up. Dante and Jacqueline have been thinking about each other for months and when they finally hook up again it’s the real thing. But then along comes his controlling mother, his concerns about his business, and his love for Jacqueline. Fantastic book. Can’t wait for the next one.

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