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Discover why the gripping dark romance saga has built an international cult following, and why readers can’t escape this world, even once they put the book down.

"When we first meet Ara, she's damaged and bratty, but this author is a master storyteller, and has some of the most profound character development and foreshadowing skills I've ever seen…” ★★★★★ ~Karen Veli

"I love the characters and the writing style. I was so glad to see that it was nothing like the Twilight series, but still about vampires and love and loyalty." ★★★★★ ~Clyde

"The tension and divide between my own loyalties to the characters is intense and captivating. I'm even desperately in love with the bad guy." ★★★★★ ~Lisa Brand


For Ara-Rose, Life is not a choice 

Until her mother died in an accident that spared her, Ara never needed a reason to live. Suffering from survivor's guilt now, she must silence the voices that tell her to mute her pain with death. 

Who would have imagined a vampire could change everything?

When her strangely dark boyfriend, David Knight, finally confesses what he does and what he eats, Ara is launched into a raging battle of right and wrong. With truth comes consequence, though, and the vampire is called for immediate return to his Set.

Ara must now make a hurried decision between living a human life with her childhood sweetheart, or leaving to both become and be with a killer. 

But when a decades-old feud between brothers erupts, Ara's frail human form is used as a pawn in a sadistic game of torture and revenge. Will David be there to save her, or is he waiting in the wings for his foe to make her a vampire?

Powerful and intoxicating, Dark Secrets explores the often conflicting lines between right and wrong as it perfectly captures the dark intensity of first love.

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In order: 

#1 Dark Secrets 
#2 The Heart's Ashes 
#3 Mark of Betrayal 
#4 Lies in Blood 
#5 Echoes & Silence: Part One 
#6 Echoes & Silence: Part Two 
#7 Bound by Secrets 
#8 Heart of Darkness
#9 Underworld
Spin-off Series (Best read between book 6 & 7 of Dark Secrets): 

#1 Bound One
#2 Bound Two

In My Blood (A Jason Knight story)

May 12
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Customer Reviews

Braleys ,

Awesome, tear-jerking book!

I can't believe this book was free! Amazingly written, such a great story line. There were MANY moments when I sobbed in this story. Happiness, love, loss, sadness, betrayal.... Awesome, awesome stuff! I cannot WAIT to read the next book!

Mercedes Morgan ,

Wonderful book <3

I can honestly say that this is the first book that I've read within my life where I cried tears of sadness and joy to where it felt like it actually touched my own life in a way. I felt like I was right there, standing in Ara's problematic life, the whole entire time. This book will always have a special part in my heart because it really did help me to open my eyes and see the importance to some extremely wonderful things that we may experience throughout our lives. I didn't have to think twice about giving 5 stars and I would have given 10 if I could have. I defiantly recommend this book, and I would like to congratulate AM Hudson for creating such a beautiful piece of work.

als115 ,

Ara, Ara, Ara...

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. I absolutely loved this book. I laughed, I cried, happy and sad, but also mad. Ara how could you be so stupid? I can't believe the choices that she made. I understand why she did but girl if you were real I'd shake you like Mike almost did Emily.

A.M. Hudson did a truly wonderful job keeping me wrapped in the story. I felt like I was there living everything with Ara. The heartbreak and sadness included.

I can't wait to read the next book. Hopefully David will wake up and stop being silly. I wonder though if it really is him leaving the gifts. I
won't know until I keep reading.

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