Dark Souls

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There’s trouble brewing in the cold waters of Kildevil Cove, and this time Danny Quirke may be hard put to stop it.

Due to his suspected association with his former boss’s human trafficking organization, Danny has been demoted and is no longer in charge. To make matters worse, he’s broken up with his partner, Tadhg... who may be in serious hot water himself. But then a faceless killer begins targeting Kildevil Cove’s most vulnerable, and Danny can’t refuse when his new boss asks him to take the case.

When Danny pulls a hypothermic young woman out of a small boat in the middle of a blizzard, she whispers a cryptic phrase about a man with no face. But who is he? What is his connection to the murders? And how is Danny going to solve the mystery while he’s the subject of an investigation that could end his career?

Fiction & Literature
May 10
Dreamspinner Press
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Deiniol “Danny” Quirke has lost just about everything as he waits out the enquiry into human trafficking. He’s guilty by association because of his former Chief Moira Fraser who was heavily involved. He still has his job but demoted to Constable. He has to face the reality of truth about his family. But worst of all he has lost Tadhg Heany. Tadhg was swindled out of his monies and lost everything. The only thing Tadhg hadn’t lost was Danny but his hurtful words left Danny alone. Tadhg and his daughter Lilly are gone, headed to Ireland. As Tadhg hunts down the man who bankrupted him, Lilly has to stay with her mother.

Danny is surprised when he gets a call from temporary RNC Chief Adrian Molloy. Constable or not, Molloy want’s Danny on the case of a dory adrift near the harbor, with a frozen women inside. Danny finds that he still has the respect and support from not only Molloy, but his team. Cillian Riley, twins Kevin and June Carbage, Dougie Hughes and Sarah Avery are ready and willing to work with Danny on another twisted murder mystery.

As the murders and suspects start to pile up Danny has to leave for Ireland and deal with the enquiry for the human trafficking case. Danny also has hopes of reconnecting with Tadhg and a special friend of his. Danny is overwhelmed with fears of not knowing where any of this will lead.

J.S. Cook creates another twisted murder mystery from Kildevil Cove. It has just the right amount of victims and suspects that keep the investigative team on their toes. Cillian, Kevin, June, Dougie and Sarah along with Bobbie Lambert forensic chief and Dr. Regan Lampe all bring their expertise to the investigations.

It seems things have progressed with Cillian Riley and Kevin Carbage. The accident with Cillian Riley was terrifying. It will be interesting to see what develops.

As for Danny and Tadhg this was a heartbreaking story. Danny has so much on his shoulders to deal with, but Tadhg’s words left deep open wounds. At times, through the “Kildevil Cove” series I struggled with liking Tadhg, but this story opens up the mental and physical abuse he dealt with. He keeps trying to prove himself when he doesn’t have to. And Lilly, she is so smart and Tadhg and Danny really need her love and support.

Two new characters I would like to see again: Kai McNamara, can’t help but love him. I won’t say how he became involved, but he was good man and friend and I wish he would be around for another story. Isaac Shapter, solicitor, for Danny’s enquiry, who has an interesting connection in this story.

I have read so many J.S. Cook books and I can’t help but love anything she writes. I still love the way she brings DeinioI Quirkes Irish dialect to the story. I don’t want “Kildevil Cove” to end and I’m ready for book five “Dark Vows”. There’s a sneak peak at the end of this book but I’m going to hold out and wait for the entire book.

I highly recommend the previous books of the “Kildevil Cove” series “Dark Water”, “Dark Mire”and “Dark Tide”.

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