Darkside Sun Darkside Sun
Book 1 - Mortal Machine

Darkside Sun

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Publisher Description

A new adult romance from Entangled's Embrace imprint...

The dead have been waiting for her...

Addison Beckett tries hard to pretend she's normal, but she's far from it. Since she was six years old, she's seen the world around her unraveling, as if someone is pulling a thread from a sweater and it's all slowly coming undone. When she ignores it, it goes away, so that's what she does.

Enter her arrogant-but-hot professor Asher Green. He knows all about her special brand of crazy. In fact, he might be just as nuts as she is. Asher insists that the dead from a parallel dimension are trying to possess the living in this one. And since Addison seems to be the only one who can see these "wraiths," she just might be the key to saving the world.

Addison wants nothing to do with Asher or his secret society, The Mortal Machine. But as their animosity grows, she finds it harder and harder to ignore the chemistry between them. And when she discovers that Machine laws forbid her from touching him, she realizes that's all she wants to do.

Stop the wraiths. Break the rules. Save the world. All in a day's work.

Normal was overrated, anyway.

Fiction & Literature
March 10
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

This is one I would read again!!!

Out of 5-stars, I give this one 10!!!

BRILLIANT! This book encompasses everything I love to read. There's an amazing love story, forbidden love and so much angst it's chokingly real. There's mystery, suspense and a fantastic dose of paranormal sci-fi as a base behind it all. Once I started, I couldn't stop. The writing is FANTASTIC! . As the story progresses everything falls into place and every character has his/her/its role. It's beautiful and heartbreaking. The ending is a semi cliffhanger and left me breathless with my heart aching. I am left with a tremendous compulsion to continue on to the next book that is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.

Received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I was not compensated for my review.
I was not required to write a positive review.
The opinion expressed is my own.

Jasmyn9 ,

Darkside Sun

The world of Mortal Machine is amazing. I loved the concept of the rifts, the secret society, their abilities, and the strange creatures that hung Addison. She started seeing rifts when she was young, but never imagined just what they really were and why they seemed to follow her. She's a great character, full of emotion and reality. So when that reality cracks (literally) she goes into a strange spiral, and only her stubborn streak seems to keep her sane and moving forward.

Asher is a dick. Even when he's being nice he's a dick. He seems to have his reasons and we get a glimpse of these near the end. I've seen this labeled a romance, and perhaps it turns into one, but right now it definitely isn't. Lots of romantic elements floating around, but definitely not what I would call a HEA or HFN ending.

The members of Mortal Machine are all quite unique in their own ways. From the outfitter to the soldiers, each personality adds a little something to the world and Addison's perception of what is going on. One of them is up to no good though - some serious no good. And when Addison tries to find out who it is, she finds out all sorts of crazy stuff about herself.

I love how Jocelyn Adams revealed new aspects of the characters. It had such a natural flow and while much of it was a surprise, it all made sense and really clicked together as soon as it happened. Her trail of breadcrumbs was impeccable. I need to find out what happens next now!

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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