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Are you fighting a battle against Hypertension? Well, I have good news for you… following a high blood pressure diet is a good way to help you manage your condition. 

Without doubt, perhaps the most renowned diet is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH). Simply put this is an eating plan that focuses on calcium, magnesium and potassium in foods since these nutrients can lower the blood pressure any day. 

As a matter of fact, the foods that contain a good amount of these nutrients include fruits, beans, nuts, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and seeds. 

Besides, you should understand that it is important that you actually eat foods containing these nutrients rather than relying on supplements with these ingredients. 

Yes, the truth is that supplements do not have the same effect as food, so if you are just taking supplement to derive the benefit of these nutrients, you will not reap the same benefits. 

Besides that, you may also have to lower your salt intake while you are on the DASH plan since this will assist you to lower your blood pressure even further. However, you should speak with your doctor about how to follow a high blood pressure diet. 

The truth is that, there are a few guidelines and recommended servings when you are following a DASH diet. In fact, fats and oils should be limited to two to three servings per day. 

Yes, by that it means you are allowed one tablespoon of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of salad dressing or one teaspoon of soft margarine or vegetable oil per day. 

You should have four to five servings of fruit each day, which can be a medium-sized piece of fruit, a half cup of chopped or canned fruit, a fourth cup of dried fruit or four ounces of fruit juice. However, you should choose fruit over fruit juice when you can. 

Well, I need to stop there fore now, but to avail yourself the full details... get your copy of the book: Dash Diet Action Plan: The Dash Diet Guide for Beginners with Tips for Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution Including Special 3 Day Diet Routine for the 21st Century Health Conscious People! Yes, you will be glad you did.... 

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