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“Bruce Schneier’s amazing book is the best overview of privacy and security ever written.”—Clay Shirky

Your cell phone provider tracks your location and knows who’s with you. Your online and in-store purchasing patterns are recorded, and reveal if you're unemployed, sick, or pregnant. Your e-mails and texts expose your intimate and casual friends. Google knows what you’re thinking because it saves your private searches. Facebook can determine your sexual orientation without you ever mentioning it.

The powers that surveil us do more than simply store this information. Corporations use surveillance to manipulate not only the news articles and advertisements we each see, but also the prices we’re offered. Governments use surveillance to discriminate, censor, chill free speech, and put people in danger worldwide. And both sides share this information with each other or, even worse, lose it to cybercriminals in huge data breaches.

Much of this is voluntary: we cooperate with corporate surveillance because it promises us convenience, and we submit to government surveillance because it promises us protection. The result is a mass surveillance society of our own making. But have we given up more than we’ve gained? In Data and Goliath, security expert Bruce Schneier offers another path, one that values both security and privacy. He brings his bestseller up-to-date with a new preface covering the latest developments, and then shows us exactly what we can do to reform government surveillance programs, shake up surveillance-based business models, and protect our individual privacy. You'll never look at your phone, your computer, your credit cards, or even your car in the same way again.

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March 2
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DopeBiz#6Dime ,

Just a reminder

I have a good collaboration for you with this one , doing my own research and personal studies , The realization of what has been created . I’ve done significant research on #1 experiments/ which I would like to write a book on . But the chemicals consumed in our body from foods , drugs , drinks , etc .. The release of dopamine in our brain and the data transmitters that they connect through , by way of what we look at or feed our minds with . Microsoft’s “Al” and the leading thread of smartphones sentence completion either gives positive or very negative effects to a weak mind .. 1% of the worlds population will catch on to this . The rest complete “Mind Control” . Created by “ We the people “ . I will say-less . But anytime you would like to have a great chat I’m not hard to find at I cloud dot com . Im glad I came across this book . Also Read the book of “Daniel” from the Bible .. How does it relate to today’s world setting , with the race for worldly power and knowledge .. Raised and Fed the DOD school system and the Army Brat and Military life most of my life . Hence one that adapts very rapid to any environment and the ability to read action and reaction before the action .. Look forward to hopefully chatting with you .

“Daniel” Wotapka,
Dope Biz Enterprise.


Excellent Book

A very apropos topic for the modern age. Thought provoking and informative - a great read !

Cross-Asia ,

A Most Important Books for Our Times

Very well written to help anyone to understand the growing problem of state and corpore surveillance in our informaiton age. Absolutely chilling if new laws are not enacted fast. Remember folks, digital data rarely goes away. Once it gets collected, your privacy is gone for whoever can get access to it. Not afraid of the NSA? How about China, etc? Read his Introduction (free with the Sample) to get a complete outline of the book and his main points. Seriously, a must-read book, for all members of society.

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