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Date Night at Home contains 72 themed menus (over 270 recipes) to spice up cooking for two. Whether for a romantic date or simply treating a family member, roommate or friend (each of the above could be called your "sweetie") to feast, you'll find delicious recipes for two in this book. Best of all, you won't be running all over town to try to find oddball ingredients as most everything you need sits on the shelves in your regular old grocery store.

The most unique feature of this cookbook is that it comes with a cooking show. Simply tap the play button at the top of each recipe to load the episode, watch, and learn the techniques for all the recipes in that particular menu. Careful...you will get hungry as you watch! (In some markets, you may need to visit our website and search for a recipe there — links don't always work in ebooks.)

This book is written with the people in mind. You won't run amok to procure pricey organic free-range chicken tenders, nor will you buy an expensive tube of some kind of condiment you've never heard of and will never use again.

Most importantly, you won't have to plunk down half a day's pay at a restaurant just to enjoy real homemade food -- you'll learn everything you need to know to treat you and your "sweetie" to gourmet steaks, stuffed chicken, decadent pasta and five-star desserts.

You'll find that as you explore these scratch recipes for two, you'll develop a distaste for bottles, boxes, and prepared foods on your dinner table. Eventually, you'll wonder why you ever leaned on these nasty ingredients, because you'll be buying more actual food for the same money and eating better than ever.

For people who want to learn how to cook without prepared foods this is the perfect cookbook. In addition to recipes and direct links to the exact episode from when the recipe came, this book includes an index, pointers, tips, background and commentary on most recipes, a wine pairing reference and how-tos about making stock -- an ingredient frequently called for in the book that you should never buy off a shelf.

This book is the ultimate cookbook for two, and it features restaurant classics as well as menus born of our own inspiration. These recipes for two have been tested and have always produced good results for us, as well as countless fans of Hot Kitchen. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback, and questions as you explore Date Night at Home.

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Wendy Lincoln
Wendy Lincoln

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