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They'll let the town think they're together... for now

Crease Hansen is home from college and looking to start up his own dating service in Marietta with his best friend Alice. Everyone assumes they’re a couple because of the easy-going banter they share and the way they mercilessly tease each other. Rather than tell everyone the truth, they go along with it because it looks good for business: The matchmakers who matched themselves.

Alice Winter is only looking to hone her data mining skills, as a stepping stone to a career in the tech industry, so why not join her friend in a start-up? After a magazine gets wind of their supposed matchmaking skills and wants to interview them, they realize they can’t turn down the free advertising. But are they getting in too deep? 

When Alice finally gets the interview she’s been dreaming of, the chance to fulfill her professional goals in Seattle is within her grasp. So why does she feel as though her world is crashing down around her?

August 14
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

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Load fun ,

Marietta Adventure

I requested an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am an avid reader of books that are set in Marietta Montana. I have also read a few books by this author before.

My overall opinion was that it was an okay story. I don’t understand how Crease and Alice are supposed to have a dating service, yet they are the worst followers of their own lessons. The angst that went on in the minds of the characters could’ve been handled in an open and honest dialogue between them.

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