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No woman can lead in place of an alpha, and in the lands of the Moon People, the word of the pack leaders is law.

Free from their former clan, Netya and her new pack seek to make a home for themselves in the wilderness beyond the mountains, braving the cruel onset of winter as the turning of the seasons draws closer. But with no alpha and few men among their number, the fragile group are vulnerable to threats greater than ice and snow. Alpha Miral, leader of a powerful and uncompromising rival clan, has little tolerance for women playing at the roles of men within his territory, and he will not stand to be dishonoured by the presence of Netya and her pack-sisters.

Fighting for survival in an unfamiliar land, struggling to accept the wolf within her, and beset by premonitions of an uncertain destiny, Netya faces losing everything she has come to love if her clan cannot carve out a place for themselves among their savage kind. What must be sacrificed, and what must she become if she is to live as a daughter of the Moon People?

181000 words in length. Contains sexual content.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 13
Claudia King
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

kailyn alex ,

It was okag

Not as easy to get through as the first. Honestly nothing happened in this one. I made it through and there was some exciting stuff but it didn’t really further the plot. More like set up the plot for future.

Amberlina3 ,

Great Read

Loved this book. Great continuation 8n the series

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