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Anya Bressoff thinks she has found the answer to her prayers. The man she meets in San Francisco will take her all over the world. The first place he does take her is Russia after being warned to keep her out of Russia by her father, Dmitri Bresoff.
Kidnapped, Anya finds she can only go east across Siberia to find her way home to Bressoff Island. Anya's family had no idea what has happened and are told she is dead. Will the man she overlooked still be waiting if she can get home?
The man who has loved her for most of her life is heartbroken. If she can find her way home will she be forced to resume her marriage? Anya is determined to be free of her now unwanted husband, first she must get home.

March 23
Cherime MacFarlane
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R3 fan ,

Daughter of the Raven

The main story in "Daughter of the Raven" is about Anya Bressoff as she makes her way across Siberia, trying to get home to Alaska, after being kidnapped. The story, however, is more complex than that. It intertwines the lives of Anya's family, her husband, and the man who has always loved her. It is not your typical romance book. Except for a few scenes, I might not call it a romance at all. It is more of an adventure book, with a slightly spiritual aspect. The theme of healing from forgiveness is strong throughout the story.

Set in the late 1800s, the story begins on America's west coast. It takes you to Seattle, where the inhabitants are ones you'd find in a wild west novel. It also touches on the slave and prostitution of Chinese girls.

What I liked most was following Anya across Siberia as she used survival skills and her wit to keep herself and a young boy alive. The author has provided many interesting ways to survive in the cold, harsh climate.

Well worth the time to take a look at this book.

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