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Daughter of the Sun is a fictional account of Hatchepsut, the only woman to be crowned king of Egypt, the fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom. She lived a normal life with its share of joy, loss and pain. As a woman, she loved, was loved, married, and gave birth to a daughter. While several women governed Egypt as queens, Hatchepsut, unlike any woman before or since, was crowned king, Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt. She was a powerful, successful ruler who led Egypt for 22 years. Beloved by her people, she was also feared and hated by those whose privileged authority she challenged. With power came success, bestowing honor and, also, the seeds of jealousy. For thousands of years, it was understood that Egypt would always be governed by a king, a Pharaoh, and by definition the king would be a male. In challenging pharaonic succession, Hatchepsut was constantly compelled to prove herself, confronting her enemies and watching her friends.
By successfully overcoming challenges to her gender and its relationship to her claim to divine succession and royal governance, she made a name for herself. After her death, others tried to obliterate her name, her contributions, and her memory. In attempting to do so, they only ensured that all of history would remember this remarkable woman who took on millennia of tradition. In so during, she fulfilled her greatest wish: to preserve her name and her memory for all time, a quest that consumed most of her life, and ensured her rest in the Egyptian afterlife.
Love affairs and murder fill the gaps in the known history, taking the reader through the little-known life of one of the most influential women of ancient history, the one called the Daughter of the Sun.

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October 10
Michael Lane
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