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King David, Israel’s greatest king, was a giant killer as a youth, a mighty warrior as a young man, a sweet psalmist ― and also a lustful man ― in his prime, and a poor excuse for a father in his older age. Still, the Bible records that David was a man after God’s “own heart.” The life and adventures of David, both his triumphs and failures, are recorded in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, specifically in the books of First and Second Samuel, First and Second Kings, and First and Second Chronicles for our benefit. David’s Faith is designed to be read every day as a 30-day devotional, complete with an epilogue for months that have 31 days. Each chapter includes a Bible reading about one event in David’s life; a Bible study on the Scripture passage; a practical application for Christian women today whose heart’s desire is to be a woman after God’s heart; a reflection on a psalm of David; and a suggested prayer. This book brings the ancient biblical king alive, not only to relate his amazing adventures, but also to apply his experiences to our personal joys and triumphs as we seek to draw closer to God. This book also helps the reader to obey the Bible’s command to study it, while teaching and helping the reader to apply lessons learned from ancient history to contemporary Christian life. Lastly, David’s Faith includes a glossary of people and places that were important in the life of King David. Each chapter in the book is subdivided into sections: • Daily Bible Reading: A passage about David and one of his psalms. • Key Bible Verse: A summation of both the Bible lesson and personal application. • Bible Lesson: The Biblical account explained. • Ponderings of a Woman after God’s heart: A practical application from the account of David’s life as applied to daily Christian living. • Reflections on one of David’s psalms: Thoughts on one of the psalms written by David that relates to that particular event in David’s life. • Suggested prayer: A short prayer after the day’s reading. Topics included in this book that David had to deal with and are examples to us in our daily lives include: • Being disappointed with God: It was David’s desire to build a house for God, but God said that He wanted David’s son, Solomon, to build it. • Coping with the loss of an innocent child: David’s first child with Bathsheba died as a result of his actions. • Honoring aging parents: David was a wanted man with a price on his head, so by extension, his parents were not safe either. David provided for them. • Adultery and its fallout: David and Bathsheba • The loss of a loved but rebellious child: David’s son Absalom was intent on killing his father and taking the throne for himself. Absalom paid for this with his life. • Trusting God while being falsely accused. • The beauty of friendship: Prince Jonathan was David’s best friend, even while his father, King Saul, was intent on killing David. • Love at first sight: David and Abigail. • Coping with the death of a beloved friend: Jonathan’s death in battle. • David encourages himself in God, even when all of his men wanted him dead. • Thanking God for all of His blessings. • Feeling forsaken by God. • Dealing with a treacherous friend. • Learning how to be patient: David was anointed three times before becoming the second king of Israel. • David’s last words: David turns his kingdom over to Solomon. As you read through both the Bible using the suggested Scriptures and the accompanying Bible lesions in David’s Faith, you will be introduced to many characters, both good and bad. There are times when David was faced with grievous trials, to which he responded very well ― and a few times when he did not. When he did what was right, he is an example to us today. When he failed and fell into sin, we can learn from his failures and ― hopefully ― not repeat them in our own life. Although David is long dead and in heaven with God, his life still speaks volumes to us today.

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June 14
Mary Jane Humes
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