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{The Hybrid Legacy 'Millennium' Young Adult Novelization}

"If there are infinite dimensions, then there would be infinite alternate realities and if there are infinite alternate realities we would exist in almost all of them that would make all of us omnipresent" ~ Stanley Victor Paskavich.

An awakening has occurred through the space time continuum. All whom are worthy to be called Gatekeepers have felt it and the call, the call of the 'Daughter of Vienna' the prophesied savior of Paradia. Each of these gatekeepers has a part to play in the great war that looms on the horizon. Each of them will become the heroine of her own story, but together they must face a sinister evil that is hell bent on tearing them down from within.

In the realm of Paradia a dimension within the cosmos unknown to mortals a war rages on. It is war that has been going on for eons across the five realms and now a new warrior has joined the fray. This young warrior has been chosen by the Gods of old to restore balance to the five realms. Meet Alicia Iminz a Celestial Mortal hybrid, a young woman whose destiny was foretold thousands of years prior to the start of the great conflict she'd been born into. As an infant she was hidden away from those who sought to destroy her, but ultimately her survival was determined upon if she was powerful enough to coexist with the tyrannical God Collective and the peace keeping Goddess Council. As she neared her adolescent years she was forced to leave her family and home to train for her right to live among her people.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 23
Akeem Moses
Smashwords, Inc.

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