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A barren world. A crashed colony ship. A saboteur at work.

After a tarnished military record leaves her unable to find work on Earth, Margo is hunting for a fresh start. A colonizing mission heading to a new world creates the perfect opportunity—or at least that's what she thinks.

Strapped into a crashing colony ship, she realizes how wrong she is.

On the ground of their destination planet, the straight forward colonizing mission becomes a scramble for survival. Her new world is harsh and unforgiving. Accidents keep happening. Too many to blame on bad luck alone. The trail of evidence leads Margo to a startling conclusion—one of her fellow colonists is a saboteur.

Tomorrow is the colony's first communications window with Earth and their only chance to send a message home.

With the fate of the colony at stake, will Margo stop the saboteur before it's too late?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 2
Jeannette Bedard
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Masanobu Cortéz ,

Day 115 on an Alien World

Nicely written. Part Sci-Fi, part detective novel. I like the main character and character development in general. The implications of conditions on Earth are utterly and disturbingly plausible. Although the reality is that we are not going to get to leave this ruined home. Well done, thanks.

T Sullivant ,

Almost good

This was recommended by another author I follow so I took a chance on it. Day 115 wants to be really good. But in my opinion it can’t decide if it wants to be romance or sci-fi, like it’s stuck at the fork in the road.

I’m not a fan of mixing romance into sci-fi, it runs the risk of exactly what happens in this read. It’s gets bogged down, and at times drags on with more info and detail the reader doesn’t need, and in my case, doesn’t want. I found myself skipping pages if not chapters.

SPOILER ALERT: This book actually spoils itself by telling us what happens to the MC up front then flashes back to tell the story. I found this to be a little annoying.

Tighten up the story line and choose a main genre and this would be a 4 or 5.

Kmkaranza ,

A very fun read

Fast paced, intriguing, and well plotted. Looking forward to future installments.

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