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The #1 New York Times–bestselling account: “There have been many books on Pearl Harbor . . . but none of them have equaled Lord’s” (Stephen E. Ambrose).
 The Day of Infamy began as a quiet morning on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. But as Japan’s deadly torpedoes suddenly rained down on the Pacific fleet, soldiers, generals, and civilians alike felt shock, then fear, then rage. From the chaos, a thousand personal stories of courage emerged. Drawn from hundreds of interviews, letters, and diaries, Walter Lord recounts the many tales of heroism and tragedy by those who experienced the attack firsthand. From the musicians of the USS Nevada who insisted on finishing “The Star Spangled Banner” before taking cover, to the men trapped in the capsized USS Oklahoma who methodically voted on the best means of escape, each story conveys the terror and confusion of the bombing raid, as well as the fortitude of those who survived.

March 6
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SsurTrah ,


The story draws you in quickly and the drama of it keeps you tied in. Moves along quickly with great insight from many points of view. The number of view points can be a bit overwhelming it you try to recall each. I recommend not doing so and just go along for the ride. So I rate it high for the authorship, but.... Did anyone do a proof read for spelling??? I got hung up several times as a sentence made no sense. I thought I did not understand some military lingo or such at first but it becomes clear it was just poor spelling. I am disappointed in the quality of this digital book. Wonder if print is just as bad. If I were Mr. Lord or his "people" I would be upset with the quality and demand corrections ASAP. How can this happen in this technological age for such an author as Mr. Lord.

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