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Daybreak, Nightfall, Life is a nonfiction inspirational narrative. It isn’t just a narrative but an African American female’s memoir. Walker lived in Mississippi in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Moreover, she refused to wallow in her limitations. Rather, she used those limitations for motivation and hard work to accomplish her dreams and goals. Most professional opportunities were off limits to her. One job available was working in homes—cooking, washing, cleaning, and caring for the large landowner’s children. The other option included hoeing and harvesting crops. Neither one of those careers appealed to Walker. Therefore, she completed high school, junior college, and senior college. Free public transportation became available just before she began high school. Walker grabbed that opportunity.

Elementary, high school, and college presented challenges. In elementary, she did not complain about using the secondhand books from the white schools. She realized she needed books to learn certain skills to succeed. Walker accepted her school, without running water or electricity, as a place to assemble, study, and learn academic and social skills.

Daybreak, Nightfall, Life shows how Walker used her limitations and turned them into reasons to work harder. Readers will see how Walker handled each limitation and difficulty faced. If Walker made it in life after living with White Only signs all her childhood, any person regardless of race can do it too. It’s attitude and willingness to work that count. Just try! Anyone can choose to complain and make excuses. Not Walker! She wanted to become an educator. She wanted to become a school counselor. She wanted to become an author.

God created each person uniquely. That uniqueness is enough to motivate one to accomplish his or her dreams/goals. That uniqueness is enough to help one understand what to do to prosper and enjoy life.

March 9
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